Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Handphone dilemma..

I started using handphone/mobile phone when I was in Matrix which was almost 10 years ago.

My 1st phone will be Nokia 3310. I bet most of you would agree if I say that this is the most reliable, tough and convenient phone during the era. I love this phone so much! I love the casing that's changeable and sold in many designs. I have a whole shoe box full of casings in different colors and different designs.
And the other best part about this phone is, you can compose your own ring tone! How cool is that? I still remember browsing through internet just to look for my favorite ring tone, and it's free! :P

but of course no blue tooth,wifi or GPRS whatsoever. Just a phone to make and received calls. This phone could even 'dance' when it vibrates ;) Oh how I miss this phone...

Then when I entered Uni, my dad gave me Samsung X460 for my birthday. Actually I requested for it :P

I liked that phone at the moment because it's tiny, and I can hang it on my neck.LOL. Those were the days when handphone was part of the human accessories :P

The phone was simple too with polyphonic ringtone. It's much cooler that monotone :P

I made it throughout my 5 years in Uni with this Samsung X460. Until I graduated and got a job, then my dad bought me Motorola V3XX. I think this phone is cool because of the sleek design. As for the features, nothing fancy like wifi or emails. Just blue tooth and gprs. I love this phone to bits. Unfortunately, this phone has been giving me trouble lately.

Like the line always got cut off when I was talking, it got freeze when I tried to send mms and it just turn off and on by itself.

So now, after almost 2 years using this Motorola, I was thinking of getting a fancier phone. Something with more functions and features. Something I could access emails, Facebook, Twitter and blogging. Something more sturdy and I could use for a longer time without much problem.

There are too many phones now out there and it's kinda hard to decide which one is best. Well I guess I have to start browsing for phones now huh?


kowneysa said...

apa lagi berry hitam satu...hahahahah

waneeda said...

ehhehe.. that's exactly what i had in mind :P