Friday, December 4, 2009

A Wedding in Perlis

Last Saturday, me and Wan went to Kangar to attend one of my girlfriend's wedding. We were friends since high school. This was my 1st time outing after pantang and without Hariz. I left Hariz at home with my mom and we were away for only 2 hours.

My friend, Zaffa, also the bride, held her wedding together with her brother. Meaning everything was double. Double pelamin, double, makan beradap and etc.

Anyways, this is the new road heading to Perlis. Sangat luas and no cars! Memang dah lama tak pergi Perlis nih. Almost forgot jalan ke sana.

Once I reached the bride's home, she was getting dress final touch up on her make up.

Wajah pengantin yang ceria.

The hand flowers

And of course, the picture won't be complete without us girls :P
(amik gambar dulu before pengatin lelaki datang)

11 years and couting..

Here comes the bride and groom

The other couple

The twin pelamin

The happy couple

Congratulations to you Zaffa and hubby!!
Wishing you both happiness ever after!


zff said...

hahahah!!!!thanks a lot for coming girls...!!!!!

waneeda said...

hehehe... congratulations again zaffa!!

kowneysa said...

but u miss me...the poser..ahaks..
wish cud be there..

waneeda said...

tu laa.. mcm tak complete. even azahaharry the photographer tu cakap aritu time aku kawin ramai. ni awat sikit :P