Monday, December 14, 2009

Got Milk?

I've been trying to update my blog everyday but my hectic schedule kept me busy. As if! :P

Anyways, Hariz is 2 months and 9 days now. I can tell on the changes of his behavior as he gets older. He weigh 6kg and we have to buy him M size diapers instead if S. Oh how time flies.

I started working last Tuesday because Hariz wasn't so well for me to start working on Monday. He got flu and a bit of temperature. However, he is getting better now and hopefully he will get well very soon.

I am too now breastfeed Hariz exclusively. I pumped at the office 3 times a day. At 11am, 2pm and 5pm. I just used the office's meeting room to do the pumping as it will save on my time. Most of the time, I will get 3oz each pumping with the total 9oz at the end of the day. I say it's not much but enough for Hariz when I left him at the nursery. The EBM (Expressed Breastmilk ) were kept on the lower part of the fridge to maintain it's freshness for the next day. But if I pumped it on Friday, I have to keep them on the frozen section because lower fridge EBM last for 2 days only whereas at the frozen is upto 3 months.

(today's production)

I still not able to make stock of EBM because every milk pumped will be used the next day.

Usually we got home from work at 630pm and immedietly fetch Hariz at the nursery which is just next door. Today, he was asleep when I picked him up and still asleep when I'm writing this blog at 1015pm. Tak sempat pun nak main-main dengan dia today. Rindu sangat. I guess I have to wait till he wakes up which is tomorrow. huhuhu...


asrazak said...

ckp eh 9oz 1hr kt nursery? ank aku aku bekalkn 9oz EBM + susu formula 6oz ms dia stat g nursery umo 2bln.akupon xdpt nk wat stok EBM

waneeda said...

actually tak cukup.. aku kena tambah susu formula jugak about 6oz. samala.. sometimes kalau dapat pam 4 botol, cukup la.. tak perlu ebm

donarose said...

pam mlm jugak ida. especially bila baby tido lama. insyaAllah cukup.

dona pun xdpt stock byk, sbb pam hr ni besok minum.

btw ebm boleh tahan up to 5 hari kat fridge. check email i just sent some bf guidelines untuk reference.

waneeda said...

i got it don. Thanks!
the info really helps n very useful.

I guess hariz falls under irregular feeding schedule la.. because everytime nak pam, takut dia bangun and takot bila dah pam, dia tak dapat susu yg cukup...

so now i know la :)