Thursday, January 7, 2010

Coffee addict

I love morning coffee. Bukan yang beli kat Starbucks or CoffeeBean. But yang di bancuh sendiri di office pantry.

I used to hate coffee, but ever since I started work, jadik macam best pulak. Every morning mesti minum coffee. I still drink coffee when I was pregnant. My gyanae said it's ok as long as tak over consume. Tapi I tried to cut down the coffee intake when I was 6-9 months pregnant from 1 cup a day to 2-3 cups in a week, eventhough 1 cup per day is consider as fine.

But now, after giving birth to Hariz, I am a bit sceptic to drink coffee (walaupun tiap2 hari still minum jugak) because Im afraid it will effect Hariz since I am breastfeeding. Ada yang cakap that coffee ni boleh kurangkan susu. How far is the truth tu, i don't know. Tapi kalau tak minum coffee every morning tersangatlah mengantuk dengan malam before nyer tak cukup tido.

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