Monday, January 4, 2010

Life as a parent

This is what happened to me last night. My baby kept awake and cried when I tried to put him in his bed. This usually never happened before. He hardly sleeps and his mummy too :(

As for my husband, well, he never had a problem in changing our baby's diaper, if only he's not pooping.

He too can't stand it if the baby kept crying when I needed to have a little time with myself like eating, taking a bath or even go to the toilet.

Haih~ Kena balaja banyak lagi nih.. huhuhu

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donarose said...

lol. dulu roy pun mcm tu nangis jer cari mommy. tapi skrg dia yg paling tahan bagi baby tenang.

waneeda said...

hehehe.. tulaa..
awal2 mmg camtu.. skrang boleh la tapi hariz still prefer mak dia :P

kowneysa said...

hurm..kuat merengek plak dah..maybe he miss his gorgeous aunty...;)

waneeda said...

hehehe.. tu la.. dah nak membesar ni.. mcm2 pe'el lak dia.. bunyi2 yg hng penah dengar tu dah hilang dah :P

The Queen Bee said...

been there before.. and sleepless night begin bila bergelar parent! hihiihih

i la yg paling saiko skali time tuhh was extremely tired, hariz on the other hand did not want to sleep at all until 6am in the morning. the same routine goes on and on... untill....

kitorg bawak dia gi mall during the day, and paksa dia jgn tido. haha kejamm tp terpaksa. then mlm tu dia boleh tido dgn aman.

::Ida:: said...

@TheQueenBee : hahaha... hey.. our son's name sama la! hariz!!! :D

you're soo right. dulu i used to let him time siang coz kita nak buat keje.. alsudahnyer malam takmo tido.

so now siang kitaorg main2 dgn dia jgn bagi dia tido sangat
ohh noo.. tak kejammm... :P