Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cutest Baby of The Planet 2009

Wan Amirul Hariz bin Wan Zulkifli
D.O.B : 5th October 2009

Okay. I know it says here at that its Cutest Baby of The Planet 2009 but today is already 2nd January 2010. I'm not sure if it still counts but I just try my luck :)

I never enter a contest before and since the birth of my handsome prince, I look for every sites that is holding a baby contest. Be it cutest, healthiest or any -est. So I came across this Cutest Baby of The Planet at and my heart jumped! I can't wait to send my entry. It's the easiest contest ever because no slogan whatsoever! :)

Hope it's not too late for me to submit my entry~!


donarose said...

kenapa dona tengok kat gambar ni ada iras muka sheraz. haha.

fairy said...

gud luck hariz..bulat mata dia!

hye..i'm your ex-client..

waneeda said...

dona : ek? semua baby nampak sama kot at this stage :P
fairy : thanx dear!hopefully dapat la at least cosolation prize :P

kowneysa said...

just try 'ur luck..mana tau..
dapat grand prize bley share2 ngan aunts dia gak...hahahah

waneeda said...

hahaha... nak jugak aunties dia nehh :P

nurul sss said...

awwwww...i loveeee this picture!!! comel gilerrrrrr!! i can't wait to gigit his cheeks!!! but seriously....hariz looks like a girl! hahaha...but i meant it in a good way coz sgt comeyl!!

waneeda said...

LOL..thats what i told wan too!.. hehe.. :P

donarose said...

hariz duduk ker tu?

btw, tu sofa baru ker? :)

waneeda said...

hahah.. takdela.. tu sofa umah sewa skarang... tak nampak bahagian yg dah koyak2 tu :P

saje bagi hariz duduk.. letak dia dekat corner of a sofa.. dier mcm syok pulak...sambil tengok tv.. letak dlm bouncer dia.. dia mcm dah boring