Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Movie maniac

I think I'm exaggerate it a bit on the title but I do love watching movies (in the cinema yer. not dvd). Every time there is a new release I will not get left behind to watch it.

I remember my first movie/cinema experience was back in Alor Setar. There was this cinema call Cathay. The movie showed there was quite updated and I usually watch it with my schoolmate and my family. Despite of lacking of cleanliness ( sometimes you can feel the rats running across your feet), we still enjoy watching the movie there.

The first movie I watched was The Pagemaster. Tapi sampai sekarang I haven't found the DVD of the movie. Best ookey cerita tu. It was almost 16 years ago. But the cinema has turned into restaurant.

and there was another cinema other than Cathay called Rex. That's where I watched The Jurassic Park for the first time :P

Now, after giving birth to Hariz, I can no longer go out and watch movies at the cinema. There are so many good movies I have missed. Terpaksa wait for DVD to come out to watch them. Maybe once Hariz is a bit older we could tag Hariz along ;)

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