Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another lunch with the Vs

Yesterday we went to try on this newly open bakery shop cum cafe. Located in the Burmah Road and just next to the 7-Eleven.

The cafe is called Eyzza. The owner is a friend of my colleague. He said they have the best spaghetti he ever tried. So that's why we were there to try it.

The entrance of the cafe is with wooden decking.

 The cafe is on the 1st level and the bakery is on the groundfloor.

Me muka lapar waiting for the food


The set meal comes with drinks, main course and dessert (ice cream)

I was thinking of having the spaghetti but I am a rice person so kena order nasi jugak.
Or else I will not make it through the day :P So I ordered the Chicken Chop with rice. haha. ada jugak ek? :P

French fries or fun fries?

What's this??? Lol. Ini rambut my friend lor :P

Overall, the food was ok. Quite a big portion and very kenyang. I'd say it's really cheap with RM9.90 per set only. Murahkan makanan kat Penang ni? Jom Penang!!

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