Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Daily Routine

My brain and my body had become immune with sleeping 3-4 hours a day and waking up feeling good without being sleepy or exhausted throughout the day. Hebatkan?

Everyday, my routine has been almost the same. Woke up in the morning, breastfeed Hariz, get myself ready for work, send Hariz to nursery. Then balik pulak, pick up Hariz, main-main, breastfeed, put him to sleep, wash the bottles and pump parts and makan.

Part yang paling malas skali is washing the bottles, sterilize them and put them to dry. huhhu.. Malas teramat.

Skali basuh sangatlah banyak. Pump parts lagi, bottles, teats and cups.

I use BumbleBee Liquid Cleanser to wash the bottles and pump parts.

Then dry them on the rack. Bought this drying rack by The First Years. Very Useful. Able to dry lot of bottles, teats, pump parts and even storage cups and its spinning too!


donarose said...

sama lah ida.. hehe ada geng yg buat benda sama tiap hari lol.

bab mencuci botol n sterilkan botol2 paling malas. sbb banyak, tambah lagi bila balik dr nursery, selalunya dona basuh balik. dona guna munchkin drying rack, liquid untuk basuh pakai pureen, sometimes beli guardian's jer.

::Ida:: said...

haha.. tu laa.
malas gilaaa :P

kat quardian ada ape? pureen gak ke? or brand quardian? a bit xpensive kan sabun nih?

donarose said...

kat guardian brand guardian. bumble bee mesti mahal kan? x ingat berapa, mgkn around RM20.