Thursday, January 14, 2010

Time is treasure

I used to be a watch collector when I was in high school. Zaman dulu-dulu, Swatch and Baby-G la paling hot. I had 3 Swatches, 2 BabyG , 1 Guess and Garfield? :P dulu. Tapi skarang only Baby-G je tinggal. That watch has served me good for almost 12 years now.

But up to date, my latest collection is the 4 watches including the Baby-G and this DKNY.

I love this watch so much. I fell in love with it at the 1st glance. Its chronograph, ada stop watch but no date. Suka muka jam ni. Nampak best la konon :P I bought this watch when it 1st came out. That was almost 2 years ago.

But the downturn is, this watch couldn't stand resistance. Look at the dial. It's gone! I have no idea how it happened. All i know I've been very careful and gentle with this watch. Hardly any scratches at all. But somehow the dial got lose and fall. I wanted to get it fixed while it was still under warranty, tapi you know la, it could take weeks or months! Malas la. So I just wear the watch anyway. It still works well except the stop watch is no longer usable. *sigh*

I'm not sure whether all designer watch memang takde kualiti but brand je. But I had Esprit jugak yang sudah almost 11 years pakai. Still serves me well. (Malas dah nak beli baru coz elok lagi). I love DKNY because their designs sangat cantik-cantik, but quality wise, kena think twice.

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