Friday, January 29, 2010

My new house makeover

We were planning to move in to our new home sometime in February. Just waiting for the kitchen cabinet to be set up. At the meantime, I am still browsing for the decorations for the new house like the living, dining, family area and maybe the rooms. Just to get an idea how the area should look like.

Designer Rizalman Ibrahim has done a very good job in decorating and transforming the winners' home for DecoDeco. I'm so amazed on how he decorated each of the house with different theme and colours. Here are just a few of the photos taken from his blog which I think I could adapt in my new home. *wink*

I like this color.

Love the chair and chandelier. Gorgeous!

Kan best if Rizalman could deco deco my house pulak. Mesti gempak la :P

*all pictures were taken from Fabulousity by Rizalman blog

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