Thursday, January 28, 2010

Parenthood Expo 2010

I started noticing on the parenthood and baby expo since I was 8 months pregnant. I was so eager to go to the expo but then, my condition at that time didn't allow me to travel that far. I could get plenty of baby and mommy stuff there under one roof!

Then I saw the good news when I bought Parenthood magazine.

My heart jumped! The event I've been waiting for is here in May! Yeay! I would definitely go. I've already planned with my hubby on taking extra holidays, hotel reservation and where to go. And then, I saw another ads on the expo.

 and this

Mana satu nak pegi ni?  One is in March, one in May and one in August. Ayayy yay...(confused).
More info on the Parenthood & Motherhood expo here.


I just checked the calender. Parenthood expo tu falls on Ramadhan la.. huhuhu.. nampak nyer dapat pegi bulan May punya je la.. huhuhu


Anonymous said...

barang pe ek leh beli kat expo2 mcm2 ni..hmm..berbaloi x?

::Ida:: said...

hi there~

mcm2 actually kat sini. almost everything under one roof. ader yg beli stroller, carseat, baju, nursing bra, toys etc. mostly ramai beli stroller rasa nyer sbb murah. :) nak kata berbaloi tu.. okla.. cuma ramai sangat org..