Thursday, January 21, 2010

No more heels for me please..

Ever since I gave birth to Hariz, I can no longer fit in most of my shoes. I don't know why but somehow my feet had grown (or the shoes had shrunk?) I can no longer fit in my heels collection which is shoes for work. It is such as waste as my feet is (or was?) size 9 and sometimes 10 (yeah. i have a huge feet). Now my only work shoes is the one and only sandal. Been wearing it ever since.

So I was thinking of selling off all the shoes because I am moving out soon and rather not bring the whole 3 racks. yep. Not 1 not 2, but 3 tier of rack. The one in the photo above shown is only 1 of them. Ay yay yay. Ade ke anybody out there ber saiz 9 or 10? Previously when I put them on sale, tak laku because very rare women with size 9 to 10. *sigh*


Ami Halimah bt Subirdan said...

im ami.
24 years old. haha. cam iklan lak
anyway, sy baru tbace blog u and saying that u wanted to sell shoes size 9-10..BERMINAT!!!!
CAN U UPLOAD THEM, so that later i can check them up~
hepi raye!!

::Ida:: said...

hi ami!!!
thanks for visiting my blog!! :D
actually, most of the shoes sudah di jual.. but u can check out my sales blog for a few more that is still available :)