Thursday, January 21, 2010

My current wants for the new home

Since we are moving in the new home soon, we should be having a complete set of dining set to go with the new kitchen cabinet (cewahh. alasan je :P).

Currently our pinggan mangkuk are all not in the same colour or design. The bowls that I bought from IKEA are all chipped here and there. Sedih sangat. Now I am aiming for the Corelle range of dishware. The new design, the square-ish is really nice. My mom had the whole collection but rounded for quite sometime. It has been for more than 12 years and they are still in good shape. The reason I choose Corelle is mainly because of it's quality.

Below are the shortlisted of the designs which I think really suit our new kitchen which is black, white and grey.
The Black & whites


Maybe some colours?
Or just plain white?
Round ones are ok too but square is a bit different from the norm. no?

I saw Jusco and Parkson selling for RM600++ per set. I saw some pre-order at the blog going for RM400++ per set. Maybe I could get cheaper price in Langkawi but is it worth it to go there just to buy these?

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