Thursday, January 14, 2010

Power Lunch

Me and Wan had lunch at the food court at Padang Kota. There are 2 food courts actually. One is located near the Dewan Sri Pinang and another 1 is next to the Fort Cornwallis. We had our lunch at the 2nd food court.
It was a hot and sunny afternoon, so kena bawak payung la because parking jauh sket.
My favorite stall will be the Western food . Ada chicken chop, fish & chip and even chinese cookings. I ordered the Nasi Goreng chinese style almost every time I ate here.
The fried rice is very simple yet sedap. Well at least to me la because takde sayur. Only chickens and prawns. and the sambal pon sangat sedap :D
Wan ordered the fish & chip. Not bad jugak. Both meals for RM10.50 je!
Ini apa pulak? hehe.. biasa la Wan ada extra perot. He ordered the famous Mee Goreng Sotong. I tried once tapi tak berapa gemar la because a bit sweet. Tapi sangat famous. Sampai kena Q kalau nak makan. I guess different people different taste kot.

The place may look a bit dirty for the first timer, but actually tak pon. Hardly any garbage. But I don't think it's open at night because I once nak dinner here tapi tutup.

FYI, Penang ni memang banyak tempat makan and boleh dikatakan semua nyer sedap. Even tepi longkang pon sedap :P

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