Saturday, February 13, 2010

50mm f/1.8

I just bought a new lens yesterday. I've read the review on the net and from the avid users, and I must say I have to try it. It is inexpensive for a lens. The result? I love it!

and of course, Hariz is my favourite model :P
We had an extra time yesterday after work and decided to watch a movie. We wanted to watch the  Lightning Thieves, tapi dah penohh.. Tinggal seat depan jer.. So we picked Wolfman instead. The movie was, okla. Nothing much to elaborate. Just a man turning into a wolf. but of course there's a twist to it. 

I missed the ending of the movie. How? lol, I had a stomach ache like 15 minutes before the movie ended (I didn't know it's going to end that soon!). So sangat sakit perot. When I returned, credits keluar. Huaaa... Rugi gila. 

On another note, I just receive the Carter's body suits for Hariz from Asmida.

Thank you so much laling for going through the trouble nak hantar to my house. :P and her dotter OMG! sangat la comeeyyyy!!!

I too bought my friend's a gift for he baby. Well soon to have a baby :P

Nanti aku bagi kat hang na Dilia.. :)

Okey guys. Wannt get ready to balik Aloq Staq. Have a good holiday and weekend!


Shukri said...

good lens..

::Ida:: said...

yeah. ..taking photos became more fun! well at least to me lar :P

Nurul said...


55 again? or is it 50mm? .. :p

donarose said...

jeles ah ida. kitorang dont even have a camera. camera lama rosak. nak beli laen tp bajet lari untuk beli barang baby! huhu

::Ida:: said...

nurul : 50mm la!! typo :P

dona : it was a birthday give frm my dad :P eh bukan roy ader camera ke? i remember dia slalu amik gambar dulu kan?

dielia said...

beb..thanks for the gift..soooooo dh dpt hadiah walaupon still dlm perut hehe..ang pegang title pemberi hadiah baby yg pertama..yeay..haha..xdan nk sembang lama ngan ang td,tp satu benda aku perasan..ang dh kurus lah wei...mcm sblm kawin dulu...hehe..apa rahsia???

::Ida:: said...

hehehe.. baby gift suppose bagi b4 branak. so boleh pakai terus ;)
tula xdpt stay lama.. nnti la lps hg branak mai tgk baby plak ;p

kuruske? hehehe.. rahsia nyaa... ialaahhh.. hehe.. bangun setiap malam 3-4 kali.. tak cukup tido..dpt buat camtu komfom kurus :P

ninazarina said...

hi ida!
ingat nak sembunyi dari u tp x berjaya la plak..hihi mane u tau i drop by ur blog eh?
i pkai d90 n ade kit lense d80 18-135 je. baru je bli cmera ni 6 bulan. i pun adore 50mm! cantik kan!! u canonian eh?

>> waahaha jelesnye kat orang2 dah kawin mcm u n dielia ni... when will be my turn?? :(

donarose said...

dona punya camera dah bagi kat org lain. roy punya rosak..