Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A blast new year

Hi guys! How's your holidays? I had a blast!

We had barbeque at my sis's place and went beraya. Dapat ang pau. heheh.. well not for me laa..
for Hariz :P
As usual, before returning to Alor Setar, we stopped by our home. It's 90% completed. Just waiting for the plaster ceiling to make it's final touch.

{Wan & wan junior at our new kitchen}

That night we had so-called picnic by the pool. Dah lame tak buat makan2/bbq camni. Hariz was such a sport. He stayed up till 12midnight and not so fussy at all! We forgot to bring his stroller so we had to borrow my niece's which is pink in color! lol. It was a hot night too. So lepas makan ape lagi, terus terjun pool la :P Wan end up with a cramp. Tu la.. lepas makan mana boleh terus masuk air :P

Anyways. enjoy the photos!

Went beraya the next day. My dad, Hariz and myself all wore red. We didn't plan for it pon.
We wen to my dad's best friend's house, I called him Cikgu Chong.
The house was fulled with friends from different races. Ada Indian, Malay and Chinese.
Owh how I love Malaysia :)

The best New Year ever!

Thanks for looking!


nurul sss said...

hehe...cantk shawl ;p btw i wana take your pic letak at my shopblog! u n hariz would be my unofficial shawls model...hehehe

::Ida:: said...

hahaha... kena bayar royalty neh :P

donarose said...

wahh your house got pool!

cantik nya kitchen. our house belum buat apa2 lagi. hehe. in mind dah fikir mcm mana nak buat built in furniture including kitchen cabinet etc. 3D dah ada, duit yang x ada. :b

::Ida:: said...

hehehe.. umah my sis yg ada pool tu.. tapi tak best kena share dengan neighbour :P hahaha..

ida buat kitchen je pon yg reno. yg lain basic je... ade duit nnti tambah la sket2... huhuhuhu

Shukri said...

nice pic ida.. with good lens! :P

::Ida:: said...

hi thank u!
masih dok belajar lagi ni :)

Anonymous said...

ida, care to share who is the contractor of your kitchen cabinet? Nampak sikit je gambar tp ttp nampak cantik.. i tgh cari yg kat area seberang jaya..

::Ida:: said...

hi there, contractor tu from SP. amik dier coz we asked around kat taman perumah kitaorg coz ramai dok buat reno. since dia buat area tu jugak :) nak kata recomended tu, takde la jugak. Tapi kalau u nak the details, u can email me ;)

farahD said...

you cut ur hair short k.ida??? nice blog..been following thru. I have a blog too come visit when u are free yea...love ur son =)

farahD said...

erk yg silap org ke? hahhaha mcm k.ida je yg rambut pendek tuh pegang baby...

::Ida:: said...

hi farah!
hahaha.. itu my brother la yangg.. :P
okeyy.. will add dlm my blog list ;)