Monday, February 8, 2010

Intensedebate is a pain in the A**!!

Finally I am able to remove Intensedebate Commenting System from my blog without changing the whole template. Yeay!!!
Such a headache going through the HTML codes one by one. Pening kepala.
You may notice some of the recent comments are missing. 
This is prior to the removing of the Intensdebate.

Initally, I just wanted to explore a 3rd party commenting system other than Haloscan and Disqus.
But when it came to removing the Intensedebate, it was such a nightmare!
I don't think I would go back to Intensedebate.
I'd stick to the original 1st before starting another headache :P


mama anis said...

jom pi tour le europe!!! the whole family.end of this year. amacam?

::Ida:: said...

mcm menarikk... ok gak tuh :D kena plan dari skarang nehh

donarose said...

haloscan is closing down.

glad u are back to the original comment system. :) few days ago tried to comment tp x dpt.

::Ida:: said...

really? tu la.. saje menggatal. 1 hari dok godek2 smpai juling mata tgk html code.. nightmare betoll