Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weekend activities

Last Saturday our activity as usual, pegi tengok rumah di Seberang Perai. Lepas tu pegi jalan-jalan la :P

 Hariz naik kete je mula la nak tido.

Our house - or should i say HOME. To date, almost 80%. Hopefully by the end of the month boleh move in kot. 

Then we off to Jusco Bandar Perda. Initially nak pegi Queensbay. Tapi dah nak dekat CNY, confirm jem packed. Sampai Jusco Bandar Perda takde la ramai sangat.

We reached there almost lunch time. Since I haven't get my hubby anything for his birthday (bukan terlupa, more like busy :P), so I decided to treat him. Of course he picked his favorite of all time, Nando's! I don't understand his fondness to this grilled chicken so much, but since it's for his birthday, I was like what the heck.

Hariz as usual being a sport. Stay in his stroller and watched us eat sambil dok 'ummm.. ummm'...

Will blog again on my home soon. Thank you for reading!


Shukri said...

Hi Ida. My first time here. Hmm which part of seberang perai? are u locally from penang?

::Ida:: said...

hi shukri. welcome! :)
seberang perai near the carrefour to be exact ;)
im locally from aloq staq actually. tapi sudah bermastautin di penang for almost 6 years now
so i consider myself penangnites :P

Shukri said...

u mean seberang jaya? i see.. no wonder u know penang very well..

hahaa u look passionate about photography, sushi and shopping of course.

cute Hariz!

::Ida:: said...

yes seberang jaya :P (i owez get confused btwn jaya n perai)

well thank u for reading my blog ;)

My name is June said...

hye ida..ida tinggal kat seberang jaya? oh dekat la..june kat Kulim.cute harriz dah masuk 4bulan ea..heeh :D

::Ida:: said...

hye june!
soon to move to seberang jaya :D
hehe.. hariz sudah 4 months ++! ;)