Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My days as a movie buff are over ( for now )

Everybody is talking about this movie Alice in Wonderland. Tapi I takde la berminat sangat nak pegi tengok sebab diriku sendiri tak boleh pegi tengok. This movie also available in 3D. Must be more exciting watching this with the 3D goggle because of the colours, the weird creatures.

So I received a call from my sis asking me to purchase tickets for this Saturday show. I became member of GSC online because of the convenience to buy/book ticket online rather than had to wait in a long queue. As I logged in to the e-payment and to my surprise, it's almost full house on Saturday at 1.40pm! It's in 3D by the way. Tinggal. few rows at the front je. 

But I managed to beli jugak 8 tickets (for the sake of my niece yang teringin sangat nak tengok :P) kesian. Kang kempunan pulak nak tengok Alice in Wonderland.

Anyone have watched Alice in Wonderland in 3D? Best ke?Macam terkeluar-terkeluar tak charaters tu? :P


kowneysa said...

aku tgk yg besa jer sebab yg 3D full..
wat i can say..dia pya grafik and character mmg plot citer agak selalu and banyak sangat cakap2..kalau bebudak tgk..mybe akan rasa bosan sket..unless diorg tertarik ngan gambo2 jer la..

reena said...

I pun blom tengok lagi! Tapi banyak review cakap biasa2 je. Katanya Tim Burton dah tak se'weird' macam dulu. Entahla..And one thing i malas pasal movie 3D kan, dia punya speck besaq sangat for me! Asyik terjatuh kat hidung je. letih nak adjust. Nak concentrate kat movie pun payah. Haha.

vivientte said...

erm, the 3D was good. But the story-line is a bit complicated, and it came to certain part where I cant really understand if they were speaking english? btw, Red-Queen is so cute :)


i've watched it in 3d. for me, 3d dia biasa shj. so kalau tgk biasa pun i rasa x rugi apa... :)
but for me, fascinating! :)

Mrs. Amie said...

citer nih best sgt! i went to wonderland when qaira in lalaland! hehehe.. klu ak, jgn haraplah nak gi kan?

::Ida:: said...

kown : yeke? aku mmg dr awal takdela interested sgt nak tengok. maybe budak2 suke kot.

reena : think kena tengok sendiri kot baru tau best ke tak kan? i tak penah lagi la tgk movie 3D kat sini. hehehe.. tink should try la one day

vivien : ya meh? and who's red queen? helena izit? hehe.. i remember when i was little watching the cartoon one.. offff with their heads!!!!!! :P

zafirah : biasa je ke? i cant imagine la coz tak penah tengok pon in 3d. huhuhu... maybe budak2 suke kot. different :P

amie : waaaa.. best nyer!! hahaha.. i tunggu hariz to lalaland tu.. tah biler laa.. the only thing i can do is amik cuti while hariz at nursery tapi rasa bersalah giler... huhhu

ella said...

i know exactly how u feel, about going to movies while our baby left at home. tapi kan, sometimes we need a little time and space for ourselves and ourselves only. worrying about baby 24/7 pon macam tak menyihatkan jugak. just my 2 cents.

anyway, AIW is quite a good movie. terus terang ckp, i love it because of johny depp. :)

::Ida:: said...

ella, you;re right. i juz realize in 5 months umur hariz ni, everything is about hariz. not even myself. & hubby i lagi laa.. i always get too worried over everything. i should take a chill pill :)

Shareen Mohd Saleh said...

Haven't seen the movie yet tapi sangat nak tengok. I LOVE Time Burton ^___^

donarose said...

3D dia x sehebat 3D avatar.
in scale 1 to 10, dona bagi 6.4

nurul sss said...

i've watched it! went to gardens, i guess the 3d glasses are better than the ones i watched at cineleisure. certainly comfy and not icky! ;p as to the movie, im on the fence, graphic wise, fantastic!! but storyline, ok laaa, perhaps because it is the continuation of alice (it's based on the 2nd book-through the looking glass btw), i think would have been better if they started off with the 1st book...because the storyline is kind of serious compared to alice in wonderland (the kids would enjoy it more) be brutally honest?? i enjoyed the preview of Toy Story 3 in 3D rather than the movie! hahahaha....because the preview mmggggg mcm terkeluar2! lagi cool!!! ahaha.....but AIW...not so much...

sooooo......moral of the story?? bawak laaaa the kanak2 ribena tgk toy story 3 in 3D nanti :)

ps:abah konon2 nak berlagak tgk alice in 3D with you nanti...siap emphasized on the words "ALL OF US" cehhh.......nak sisihkan org laa lagi tu!! but when i told him i have watched it, then dia diam n stop berlagak ;p

another ps: im gona watch clash of the titans in 3D too ;p more clay animation macam clash of the titans dulu2!! hehehe....but the original COTT pun best!! hopefully the new remake wont destroy the reputation of its predecessor laaaa :)