Friday, April 9, 2010

Baby Shopping

My 1st baby online shopping was from LilCaliph back when I was still in confinement (tak boleh keluar so online shopping is the only wayy!!! :P 

And then I came across a little while back and start purchasing few items. When they arrived, god knows what the feeling is like. To me, receiving a present ! (eventho I paid for it :P). Then I kept coming back for more.

2 days ago, I purchased more item from myBBstore and they arrived on the next day! How fast is that!?

I bought all the necessities for my little Hariz.(konon) and of course, for my own pleasure :P

 The item will arrive in a box with myBBstore written on it.

This is what I've bought :

1.Philips Avent: PP Feeding Bottle (260ml/9oz) - 2 Bottles (BPA FREE)- Hariz drinks more now. Previous bottle was 4oz je.

2.Thermos: FOOGO Food Jar (Blue): This is great for travelling to store food in warm or cold.Hariz pon sudah start solid.

3. Jeep: Car Seat Undermat: Abah dia takot kerusi kereta dia rosak so I bought this undermat ;)

4.Safety 1st: Baby View Mirror : Easier for me to observe Hariz while he is in his carseat without me have to turn my head to the back. Bahaya oo..

5. Kiddopotamus: CushyStraps Cushioned Strap Covers : Hariz often fell asleep so this could give him comfort to his neck :)

6.Munchkin: Fresh Food Feeder : I love this! Now Hariz can munch on fruits or veggies without me have to worry if he swallows it ;)

7. Tommee Tippee: Travel Cutlery Set : Preparation for travelling later

myBBstore is having the Malaysian GP sale and most of the item are on sale! and FREE SHIPPING if you purchase RM200 and above!! YEay!!

Suddenly I remembers that I need one of the Baby Cubes to store Hariz's food once we are travelling. I searched online I found out that they are selling at Peekaboo Baby Store which is really nearby to my office. So ape lagi, lunchtime pegi kejap :P
OKay so I didn't buy JUST the BabyCubes. :P The damage done on the 2nd day :

1.Baby Cubes - 8 Cubes (2oz/70ml) - More info on this item

2. Carters Waterproof bib - So Hariz won't be comot :P

3. LB Easi Clear Nasal Aspirator : Ini pakai sedut dengan mulut kita :) This is good because we can determined the pressure when we suck the mucus out.

4. Tenderly Nappy Liners - 150pc - To put on cloth diaper.

Close up on the BabyCubes
I was soo excited to try the BabyCubes so last night, terus buat carrot puree and potato puree and simpan dalam freezer. 

pic from

Owh I need a hand blender now.. :P


Thank you for reading!


Mrs. Amie said...

munchkin feeder tue, kalau bagi Qaira..haishhh... bukan dia makan buah.. dia geget tempat pemegang tue sbb getah...kan? hahaha... funny lol!

::Ida:: said...

really?? hehehe.. i havent tried on hariz yet. tapi mcm excited je nak tengok! :D

windy said...

hmm...gud info 4me...ida mmg bg ns lenyek ka? tak try yg nestle nya rice for baby tu? ok tak yg tu? cuma letak ayaq suam ja, then nak campoq apa2 pon bley...

::Ida:: said...

kak win, most of the people bagi nestle tu as their 1st solid food. but for me, i choose home-made food rather than off the rack. tapi its really up to u la. home made lagi syok to prepare :P

Lea Shmea said...

sama la dgn nia. she sucked the fruit fr a while tapi selebihnya, mkn handle benda tu. cet.

::Ida:: said...

hehehe.. mesti best dia makan sampai ngn handle2 tu dia makan :P