Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Contest : Best moment mommy to be

Hehehe.. saje je nak join contest ni. I've never joined a contest before. Heck nak menang! Lagi tak penah.

So saje nak give it a try :P Hari tu contest untuk Hariz. Didn't win. So skarang mama pulak masuk contest :P
Anyways, found this contest while blog- hopping at Mummy Chubby blog. It's easy peasy. Just  post the best maternity shot and blog about it. It doesn't have to be you actually. It could be your mom, your sis, cousin, adik or sesiape je la u kenal.

More info on the contest here.

For my entry, of course I letak my pic yang perot tunggu masa nak pop. :P

This photo was taken on our 1st anniversary and my 8th month pregnancy. Hariz lagi 2 bulan keluar la time tu :P. We siap hired a photographer to capture our 1st annie's moment. :)

Location : 32 Mansion, Penang

Rasa rindu pulak being pregnant :P


mar!ahaf!z said...

dine kat ner ni.. ? nice place..

::Ida:: said...

owh lupa nak ckp.

the place called 32 mansion in penang :) the food was ok but the environment is reallly nice esp kalau nak beromantika :P


bestnya kak ida. romantic sgt u guys.. hehe.

Mummy Chubby said...

amboiii!! nice picture...tq join contest mummy..mummy amik picture yer.. GOOD LUCK!

::Ida:: said...

zafirah : hehehe.. thank u yannggg :)

mummychubby : excited nak join nih. hopefully bleh la menang sumtin. heeee... sila amikkk :D

Lea Shmea said...

cantik nye awk masa pregnant!!!!! <3

::Ida:: said...

hoho.. make up je yanngg :P