Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hariz and school

So this is where I've been sending Hariz for the past 1 month. This nursery / daycare called Graduan Kecil. They have a few branches here in Seberang Jaya area. Having Hariz sent here at the beginning of March, I'd say I'm quite pleased by the way the took care of my little one. 

Hariz membesar dengan baik and happy je everytime I picked him up from his nursery.  and he everyday, I will find him learn new things from the nursery. Oohh.. sayang sangat that I missed a lot of his '1st time'.

hehehe.. Hariz sangat gembira when I came to pick him up. Dia sengih sampai nampak gusi :P
(please excuse my big *ss) it's merely a optical illusion ya :P
 Suka dier tengok all the colours tu.. Kira i send him all day from 9-6 la jugak. I can say that most of his baby's age was spent at the nursery. huhuhuhu

Hariz like to go to school kan Hariz.... Saaayaannggg diaaaa... Muaxxx!!!


Kema Azeman said...

hai. sorry but this commnt wont b related to the entry huhu. i am currently giving it a try for shabby princess. but i cant find any tutorial or watnot on how to upload it to ur blog. any tips?

::Ida:: said...

hi kema! welcome to my blog jugak :)

ok.. 1st thing, u have to download the kits to ur pc. if you're done, then you have to do some photoshoping to make it as a background. how? go here --->

hope this helps! email me for more details. i'll try my best to help ;)

AlohaMolly said...

Hi Ida, nice blog u have here!
Subscibed to ur post!

Let's make frens!


::Ida:: said...

hi molly!!!

let's !!!! ;)))

Mummy Chubby said...

comelnye hariz!!!

Shareen Mohd Saleh said...

Looks like a good place. Don't suppose they have a branch here in KL, do they? Hehehe

Curious. How much do they charge a month?

::Ida:: said...

mummy chubby : heheh.. thank u mummy chubby :)

shareen : it is! well at least to me la :) i dont tink they have branch in KL ler. penang itself ade 6 kot. for babies, rm260/mnth. :)

icu said...

kak ida, ni kat lampam eh? in front of our old house dulu?

::Ida:: said...

haha. yesss... next to ur house je.. never notice that before kan :P