Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Free bedroom makeover from IKEA!!

I'm always a fan of IKEA! Who doesn't?

When I saw this ads at my nuffnang adv space, quickly I click on it and a new page was opened.
Design your own dream bedroom and win RM2000!!!! Apa lagi.. Terus I download the apps and design my bedroom angan-angan.

Sorry the image have to be blurred. Nanti orang cedok idea :P Penat mak pikir ok. Almost 2 weeks baru siap. Hehehe.. Below is what it looks like on the apps.


So when you're done with it and puas hati, just click send! Senang je kan? So what are you waiting for?? Let us all win our dream bedroom makeover!!!


Daily Dose Of My Ramblin' said...

My goodness! Im a HUGE fan of Ikea . I'd travel all the way to L.A just to go to Ikea since we don't have one in Denver, Boo-hoo!. BUT...... soon they're gonna open one sometime in Fall 2011. Yeay!

Thanks for sharing this apps so that I could berangan how well I can pimp-up my apartment filled with Ikea stuff. =)

::Ida:: said...

really?? in my case pulak im in penang, sanggup pegi KL nk pegi IKEA. hehehe.. (iknow denver n LA tak sama :P)

sharing is caring kan?? :D

aNnAsUe'G said...

kalo mcm tu mari la kedua2nya shopping kat ikea kl! hihi! ;D

::Ida:: said...

mariii sujieee!!!!!! (coming realll soonnn to KL!!!! weeee!!!)

Shareen Mohd Saleh said...

I go to IKEA in Ikano Power Cntr usually once every couple of months. Sometimes just to browse. For my Sims2, I even have Ikea objects pack LOL. Haiyoooo, teruk betul.

::Ida:: said...

really? OMG! i lama gila tak main the sims2!!! i used to go gaga over the sims ni. sanggup tak tido malam dok mengadap ni :D