Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm bacckk!!

Hi guyss!!!! I'm bacckk!!!!
Goshh... I've got so many things to share from my trip.Because this is the 1st time we travel with a baby.
It was nerve wrecking mind you.Tapi alhamdulillah, everything went well.

Will blog about it tonight. Can't waitt!!
But first, wanna do some bloghopping 1st. :P
It's like a habit! I can't help it!
Balik je from being internet-less, rasa nak bukak semua blog. :)

Ok guyss.. sambung balik buat kejaa.. chop chopp!!


Shukri said...

haahaa.. so passionate about shopping.. and blogging too

ICA said...

Ida, welcome back. Looking forward to the vacation pics nanti. the little boy behave tak masa naik flight? hope soo...:))

::Ida:: said...

shukri : o yeah! ;)

ica : hehehe.. will try to upload 2night! oh hariz sangat baikk.. xmeragam pon. takot jugak at 1st kalau dia menjerit2 kan. hehehe..