Thursday, April 15, 2010

This is where the shopaholics unite!

Did I mentioned I love online shopping? :P

After thousands of parcel I've received, only now I feel like blogging about it. (weird?) i know!

I just bought this dress online YESTERDAY and the parcel arrived today! How fast is that??

I never bought from this blog shop before.  I happened to saw something I liked in their blog and quickly make my purchased before anyone else got it :P

UUuuuu I love floral motives. and this dress fits me nicely with stretchable material and removable sash.
Luckily I can just stuff this dress in my bag and pretend I've had it for quite sometimes (in case Wan ask) :P

Udah-udah ler Ida oi shopping online.. huhuhu.. I just can't help it! Everyday it's like a habit to click on the review blogs and to find new stuff. Iskk... (mode insaf kejap)


idina said...

Hi ida!! Waaa~ shopping lagi? hehe~ takpe, berbaloi! ;)
The dress is absolutely beautiful!

I've been looking for long dress with long sleeve(or 3/4) for a while now. Jarang jumpa =( Smua nk kena pakai inner (Penang sangat panas,hu hu)

Please recommend bbrapa blogshops that do have those~ hehe

Thankss!!! xoxO

::Ida:: said...

hi idina!

hehehe. mmg berbaloi-baloi! i dont tink we can find dress like this that doesnt cost a bomb! :P

i slalu view review blogs. everyday akan ader new stuff. there's no exactly one blog yg ader L/S dress ni. ini ler yg laman wajib i bukak everyday :P

apa lagi! mari kita shopingg!! :P

idina said...

Waaa~ I lap you la ida!!!
Thanks a dozen!!

(kejap lagi pening pn bermula~ =p)

ella said...

why u tell me thiss!!!!!!!!!!!

::Ida:: said...

idina : i lap u tooo!!!! :P

ella : oops? :P

Suzie said...

youuuuu i dah terpengaruh ni,tp biru tu dah abis.tsk!i berangan pakai dgn leggings since dress ni agak panjang...tapi alahai tak dpt nak beli :-(

::Ida:: said...

huaaa.. i sudah menghasut semua org utk shopping.. hehehe..

dah habis ke? i tot tinggal tu satu lagi. uhh.. mmg cantik pakai ngn legging. heeeeee

p!nkerton said...

cantik!! good catch!
online shopping ni misteri sungguh kan.. tau2 je esok brg dah sampai & bank akaun menyusut *lol*

::Ida:: said...

hehehe.. thanx yang!! i sukaaa!! :P
selagi akaun bank tak tinggal 0, slagi tu dok klik buy buy buy :P

nurul sss said...

hahaha...i ALMOST bought one! n i checked it out like 5 minutes after they updated! but then thinking that i just bought a few tops from cotton on and since next week im going to jakarta, sooooo.....more shopping to be takpe laa.....trying to refrain from buying at the moment....huhuhuhu

and i want to sell some of my tops and bags laa ida...u want to sell them or should i do it myself? or you want some stuff?

n come the skirts i bought hari tu ade dkt rumah?? i thought your customer nak? bazir jeeeeeeee~

::Ida:: said...

o yeah? sib baik i bought it :P

let me tapis dlu before u sell them off tau.

n the skirt tu.. nnti i'll take it la.. just jual je later..

Suzie said...

i dapat beli yg kaler biru tu la ida...wahhh sgt lucky since leng said it's the last piece...can't wait the top to be arrived! :-)

iBu-Afif said...

ida..ida..udah2ler..jangan menaikkan semangat aku pulak..aku pun pantang ade masa lapang ade je kedai@mall yang aku nak gi..kat tenet ..dok usha2 je lagi..tapi i'm more to baby stuffs..

::Ida:: said...

suzie : congrats suziee!!!! hehehe.. u will definetly fell in love with the dress u know ;P

izzati : hahah..mari kita buang duettttt yeayyy!!!