Friday, May 14, 2010

Grow together with Stokke®

Stokke® Xplory®

Explore together.
Grow together.™

Tripp Trapp® highchair 

– The chair that grows with the child™


Dream together. Grow together.™

I think these product range from
is really worth buying despite of the expensive price tag :)
You can basically use them till your baby have grown! How cool is that?


reena said...

Kusss semangat tengok stroller dia. Nampak macam baby senang tergolek je. Huhu. Ke i yang memang paranoid ngeee.

miralatiff said...

stroller tu mmg nampak smart..but mcm tak practical sgt nak bwk g travelling sbb bulky la..but design mmg cot tu memang cool giler!

fazlinil irma said...

salam perkenalan..

sy sgt suka SX.. tp x suka dgn harga dia. mahal ya ampun T___T

Daily Dose Of My Ramblin' said...

The stroller may be a good buy. As a matter of fact a great bargain (although its a ted bit expensive).

But on the high chair and crib, personally I think it's kinda a rip off. Tried the high chair, its not comfortable either for the kids or for the adults (after converting it). Plus the support system is not good too, especially for babies who just learn how to sit.

On the crib, the wood material was kinda shabby for the price that you pay for.

We've tested it couple of times(when shopping for our first baby) and that's what we think of it. So thought of sharing that.


Shareen Mohd Saleh said...

If you can afford it, it certainly looks cool but... If it were me-lah, I would make a good effort to try but then just switch to something else half a year later. Things that are supposedly used to save money, tend to cost more money in the long run... It's Murphy's law *roll eyes and shakes fist at Murphy*

::Ida:: said...

reena : hehehe.. i 1st nmpak pon tengok mcm tak secure jer pon :P

mira : betol tu. tak leh nak lipat2 jadik kecik. kalau letak dlm bonet kete pon dah penoh. tapi mmg smart la kan? :)

fazlinil : welcome to my blog! :) mmg cun kan? herge dier jer mcm semput sket :P

daily dose : i couldn't agree more! i just saw the stroller here in malaysia tapi havent seen the rests. but i like their idea and how they could came up with such design for both babies and adults. brilliant! ;)

shareen : hehehe.. you and your murphy's law... :P

Mrs. Amie said...

No matter what ppl said, I dah lama in love with stokke. tak kiralah price dia berapa and it is safety lol even tak nampak safety.. adik qaira sure pakai nie.. ahaksss...

::Ida:: said...

hehehe.. i know u la amie. u suke dari dulu lagi. i soh beli u takmo pulak :P

p!nkerton said...

stokke memang mengancam! (pocket) ;p

::Ida:: said...

hehehe.. koyak poket :P

Mummylicious said...

haaai ini sponsored post ka? haha

i looked at stokke cot and stroller before PP arrived. So blaaaaaardy expensive! dont think the price is worth it even though it looks fantastic can convert2 jadi transformer but honestly la, guna ke?

the stroller is really big. yes it can be used as a highchair and you get the bassinet but you can use a normal stroller as a highchair too (alah bend badan skit2, excersise abs muscles) and the bassinet, i have one for my Quinny. And only used it for 3 months. After that, PP wanted to see the world. And its really big!

the sleepi. My mom was bugging me to get this! jadi round baby cot- cute. tu je la. A baby will not care lah asalkan boleh tido. IF the baby decides to sleep in the cot in the first place. imagine beli mahal2 tengok2 tak guna. wuuu frust. So at the end with RM700 bought a normal sized cot that can be transformed into a toodlers bed later at last year's motherhood expo :P thats half price. So much better...truth be told, i like IKEA's gulliver cot better. hahaha

Anonymous said...

hi impressed for ur interactive blog...actually i am a stokke xde baby lagi..camne tu erk?
aritu jumpa kedai stokke kat hartamas..jenis xplory la..harga rm 4500..kt sydney AUD 900...kawan k.nim dh gune stokke ni, die cakap mmg susah utk i love stokke jugak...hehehehe =)

kak mas said...

ida, ni out of topic ni. suka ur blog design! nk tnya cemana nk bg komen appear kt sidebar mcm u buat tu?

::Ida:: said...

mummylicious : ehh.. iklan ni di taja oleh stokke okeh.hahaha i wish! :P

i never knew about this stokke until i read in amie's blog :P mmg cun sangat but i dah ade stroller pon (passed down from my sis) jimat giler la duhet.. tak kisah la kan tak stylo pon (sebenarnyer malas dah nak beli sbb org dah bagi free! :P)

and for baby cot, i pakai playpen jer. boleh lipat2 and carry around. lagiiii senang :D

tapi, again, I love stokke for its design and ideas. kan kan kann :)

kak anim : hai kak anim!!!welcome!! hehehe.. tu laa.. start rajin buat blog ni eversince hariz beranak la.. i guess he is mu muse :)

tula.. stroller die agak besar sket la kalau nak lipat2 tu..tapi still cantek kannn :D

kak mas : thank you kak mas! :)
untuk ruang comment tu, go to dashboard -> layout -> add gadget -> pilih recent comments. cuba try. kalau tak dpt let me know ya. :)

intan said...


Nak bertanya sket..walaupn n3 ni da agak lame..huhu..tgh survey2 stoke high chair ni..ade saper2 tau current price dia di malaysia x??atau ade saper2 nk let go??really interested on this product! TQ very much!