Sunday, May 16, 2010

An apple a day keeps the doctor away..

but I hardly had any apples la... huhuhuhu

I've been wanting to post my entry today but i've been feeling a little unwell ...:(
I woke up this morning with my arms, my shoulder and my thighs aching. Kenapa ya?
and my throat dah mule macam nak saket. huhuhuhu... I hate being sick especially when I have a family to take care of.

So please bear with me :(

Lots of love....


miralatiff said...

get well soon Ida!!Take care!

*Idina* said...

Get well soon!!

::Ida:: said...

thank you dearies... tapi blog still kena update kann... :D

reena said...

Alololo..Sian dia. Get well soon ya Ida!

aNnAsUe'G said...

get well soon~!
blogshop sgt sunyi tanpamu~ hihi.

::Ida:: said...

reena : thank u reena *uhuk *uhuk

sujie : hahaha... itu time sakit pon bolehhh :P

Shareen Mohd Saleh said...

Oh you poor dear! Get well soon, Ida.


::Ida:: said...

thank u shareen!

*HUGS back * :)

donarose said...

how are you now ida?

i know it's heart breaking when we're not well yet have the little one to take care of

::Ida:: said...

hi don!
thank u so much for your kind thoughts!
im so much better now! :)
the pain last for 4-5 days jugak la until it really gone.
now i can take care of hariz much much better :D