Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hariz food supply

I still can't picture myself being away from my little one especially for more than 1 day! There is nothing more I worry of than my little one being without his mother! Will he be okay? Will he eat? Will he sleep well? Will he cries for no reason? All these questions have been on my head since the 1st day I got the news that I have to be away for few days.

Not I don't trust my husband to take care of Hariz on his own but I think it would be best for both Hariz and Wan if Hariz be with my parents at my hometown in Alor Setar. 

Even though my mom will prepare all the food for Hariz when I'm gone, I just can't help myself from preparing his food and make sure that the supplies suffice. (so I will feel better when I'm away later knowing that I have made all the food) :)

Anyways, today I had a bit of a time to prepare 3 types of baby food for Hariz :

(one) : brown rice + broccoli + carrots

(two) : brown rice + broccoli + salmon

(three) : potato + carrots

This is pretty much what I need to prepare the food. 

1.brown rice - to be cooked on stove until it turned to porridge 
2. carrots cut into cubes
3. potatoes cut into cubes
4. broccoli - removed the stems because it could cause gas. (that explains the farting :P)
5. Item 2-4 to be steamed for about 45 minutes to cook.

Put them together according to your liking (I basically followed my instinct (ikut suka)in this matter. janji sedap :P) Owh i don't use salt or sugar in making this food ya. Try using friend anchovies (ikan bilis goreng) instead.

I usually made them in large amount because to prepare baby's food, kinda takes time. So I made it in one shot and store them in baby cubes (2oz each). It's really convenient. You can store the food up to 2-3 months in the freezer. But normally, Hariz will finished them in 1 months time :)

 I'll be away for 4 days but I think the food could last for more than 1 months! Don't you think? :P Owh remember to labelled them accordingly so you won't missed the expiry date.


A little guide for travelling with baby food my way :)

First of all, make sure the amount of food needed and days of travelling. As for Hariz, he had 3 meals in a day, breakfast, lunch and of course, dinner. Say if we were to travel for 3 days, I will pack 9 baby cubes. Put the cubes in a sealed plastic bag so in case the food spilled, it won't spoil your luggage. So far we have travelled by plane and car. The methods are pretty much the same whether you are travelling either plane or car. But if the travelling time is longer than 6 hours, you might consider putting the food with ice packs to keep them cool longer. and make sure the place you're headed has a fridge. If not, you may need to bring a cooler with you.

When it is time to feed your baby, just take 1 cube and dip it in a hot water for a while and it's ready to be consumed! Wasn't that easy?

If you have any other recipe for baby, please share with me!Sharing is caring right? :) Thanks love!


Daily Dose Of My Ramblin' said...

You see, that exactly what I've been doing for my lil son when he used to eat all those mooshy foods. Not till my recent trip back to malaysia for a long haul stay, when my parents and aunties started to bashed me on how horrible mom I am for giving my son those "frozen food" as they called it.

I was sooo frustrated because I knew from the beginning that practically every moms that I know does it. Like seriously, I was so damn frustrated. They even made me whipped my son's food every morning. That was the longest 3 months of my life! Believe me!

So, bottom line is, you got my full support in this (although you don't need any hehe) kudos for your dedication in preparing your son's meal.

::Ida:: said...

owh i feel u dear. i do get that scepticism when i store my ebm too. u see.. we are full time working mom right and really, by doing this, really really saves a lot of time.

and owh believe me, i bet almost ALL mothers are doing the same thing.:)

and thank u for your support :D meant a lot to me ;) at least our kids got the taste of our own hands kan :)

Arifah said...

wow..rajin nye ida ni...kena belajar ni... :P

kak mas said...

ida.. mana nak beli baby cubes tu?

nor'aini said...

the baby cubes tu lawaaaaaaaa sgt.where did get it?

::Ida:: said...

you can get the baby cubes an the online shops below :)

CiKaYu said...

ida, u sangat rajin. i used to cooked for my girl. tapi pastu i dah stop. skrg ni i rasa cam nak masak balik, tapi she's now 2 yrs old, dh makan solid food. kalau i preggy lagi, for my next bb sure i nk buat cam gini.

mama lala said...

hye ida..nice to see ur blog..loves to read it everyday.just want to ask besides online mana lagi boleh cari baby cubez ni..i da try banyak shop but can't find it..i agree u said that xperlu sugar or salt but kalau nak sedap sikit plus ikan bilis goreng without minyak kan?am i rite?

::Ida:: said...

cikayu : hehhee.. ada the right 'tools' tu yg bersemangat. dulu pakai strainer mmg malas giler :P 2 yrs old dah pandai makan sendiri ni.. mesti memilih pulak :P hehehe.. takpe.. next one cuba pulak :D

mama lala : hi mama lala! thank u for dropping by! :) baby cubes tu, kalau tpt lain i tak sure kat mana. i kat penang, i beli kat kedai Peekaboo, Jalan Burmah. U kat KL kan? Fabulousmom & Tiny Tapir tu ade kedai. U can go check them out :)

and yess.. ikan bilis tanpa oil goreng mmg sedapp... my son loves it! tapi kalau cium dier bau ikan :P


ya allah. kak ida nih kenapa rajin sangat!!! thank you! baca blog kak ida dah belajar mcm2 for future.. hehe

::Ida:: said...

hehehe... its fun la actually :P rasa macam main masak2. :D tapi jangan tanya masak untuk hubby. :P

melli said...

thanks 4 sharing... nak tanya where did u get the masher? yg mcm hand blender tu? tq

::Ida:: said...

hi melli,

that hand blender yer.. i bought at Best Denki. I think u can get it at any leading electrical store or even dalam mall at electrical department. I saw 1 in Giant too. :)

mama lala said...

ida..thanks for ur info & i more thing bubur nasi tu boleh simpan lama dlm freezer ke.coz im also full time working mama and sometimes rasa penat but for my baby i'll make sure akan masakkan tuk dia but kalau u kata boleh simpan lama dlm freezer so i boleh buat stok like i buat for my breastmilk...

ezura evenstar said...

wow...a very useful tips...i really like the recipe...i used to take care and cook for my lil i got so excited when u did the same thing too hehehe shall jot down ur super simple recipe for my 'future' hehehe

::Ida:: said...

mama lala : yess.. least for 2-3months :)itu la.. i pon awal2 dulu everytime dia nak makan, baru masak, and one more thing, nak masak makanan dia ni bukan sekejap. huhuhu.. so skali buat banyak2 and store dlm fridge. i pon dulu ingat tak boleh tapi after careful readings and attempt, berjaya buat :)lebih kurang mcm storing ebm ;)

juju : really? rajin nyer masak untuk adik. hehe. pasni juju sure takde prob la nak buat for your 'future' tu. janji u have the right tools, mmg senang je ;)

Shareen Mohd Saleh said...

Yeay! More ideas for my Asyraf's food. Thanks for sharing Ida. We working moms really don't have the time to fix up freshly cooked meals every single day. This is the next best thing. At least it's home made and we know the quality of the ingredient that we use. I only make enough to store for a couple of days, then I whip up a new batch. But I'll give this a go ^___^

Shareen Mohd Saleh said...

UPDATE: Ida, thanks to your recommendation, I just bought the cubes thingy at fabulous moms. You should get some sort of commission or something LOL

::Ida:: said...

shareen : you're sooo right!!! eventho it's frozen, it is still homemade and we know what's actually in the food right?? :)

ahhh.. you will loveeee it!!! it makes the cooking more fun! :P yeah.. i should lah kan. u should tell them where u get the info from :P (promote pulakkk :P)

nurul izzati bayani said...

dah baca...ade resipi tambahan sejak ade sara nih ???

TJ said...

ida, may I know where u bought the food luggage ( bag )tu ? i want 1 that can really keep the food well long lasting during my travel.u r sooo rajin!

::Ida:: said...

hi TJ!
i bought the bag from Jusco saje. brand jungle jingle kot. rm19 kalau tak silap. dah lama dah. 2 years ago :P