Friday, May 28, 2010

Lunch date with the Y clan

Yesterday, while stucked in the traffic at the Penang bridge, I had a sudden crave for my mom's Bawal Steam and her Sambal Prawn and mixed veggie with oyster sauce. Quickly I called here requesting for the receipe :

Me : Helo, mak, can you like sms me your receipe for the bawal steam? Suddenly teringin nak makan laa.. :P
Mom : (laughing).. eyy.. we are going to KL tomorrow. I will cook for you and we all have lunch at your place.
Me : YEayyyyy!!!! (I should've been jumping up and down but I was still in the car, stucked in traffic.)

So that was the story for my entry today. Started off with my favourite Bawal Steam. *drool

My mom made 2 of it!! Takot tak cukup :P

and this is the time to show off use all the plates bought from Langkawi :P

Hariz is down with fever since yesterday. But he is still being bubbly as always.

and of course, the main reason they are here is Hariz :)

Poor Hariz. I really hope he will get better soon. This is the longest fever so far. Usually it will be gone in 1 day :(


*Idina* said...

Alaa~ Cian Hariz demam.. Get well soon Baby Hariz yang comel!!!

Ida, your mom pnya masakan makes me lapo la pulak =p

nurul sss said...

yeah,..thanks alot..gambo org yg buat muko burok tu laaaa hg nak letak kan? ;s chesssss......lack of "asam" betul! ;p

Shareen Mohd Saleh said...


Share-lah your mom's recipe here. I want to try to make it :p

Oooh, poor Hariz. Hope Hariz get's better soon. *hugs from aunty Shareen, Syakirah and Asyraf*

Yeah, there's some bad bug going round lately. Both my kids were sick for almost a week. Syakirah was suspected with pneumonia. But Doc gave us some really strong antibiotics and both kids are doing fine now.

alana said...

hariz nk tumbuh gg tu.. tu la fever;)

::Ida:: said...

idina : thank auntie idina! :) hariz is much better today. dah peloh2 dah dier. siap lari2 lagi ( i mean merangkak la :P)

nurul : hahaha.. janji hariz nampak cuteeee... muahahahahah

shareen : hehehe.. u know.. i sampai lupa nak amik the receipe from my mom! lol.. konon nak masak sendiri. last2 my mom jugak kena datang masak :P nnti dah dapat i share with u ya :D

itu la.. kinda cautious jugak with skarang ni mcm2 virus. pneumonia?? omg.thank god shes ok now..

alana : yeke.. mungkin jugak. tapi tak nampak pon gigi nyer :P