Monday, May 17, 2010

Preventing fire Ida's way...

Last week, we invited a representative from United Asia fire prevention service sdn. bhd. to give a talk in our office on how to prevent fire when you're at home or at the office. This is crucial especially when you're staying in a high rise building.

During the 1 hour seminar, we were thought on the do's and don't during the fire break. There are stuff we actually thought it was ok to do, like what we have seen on TV but they were wrong! 

For example, if a person caught in fire, don't try to put the fire off by using blanket because this will cause more damage to the victim's skin. The best way is use the fire extinguisher. (seriously, I thought that was the best way too until this trainer show us photos of fire victims. I must admit that the photos were quite disturbing at pretty graphic. With the video and all where people sanggup jump off 20 storey building that was on fire!) on let's not go there shall we?

Anyways, at the end of the seminar, I bought these 3 item to put at our home.

(L-R) : smoke detector, fire extinguisher ABC and pocket smoke mask

This is a small size fire extinguisher where I can put it at home or in the car.It is lighter and easy to operate. Just pull the pin and spray.

The battery operated smoke detector is as important as the fire extinguisher because smoke travels faster than fire.Whenever a case of fire, we are able to detect the smoke 1st and get ourselves to safety.

Well this is something  that I have never seen before. It's a smoke mask where you put it on and you could make yourself to safety in the thick smoke without suffocating.

Now I've done my part for my family by providing safety measure in case whenever there is fire (touch wood). :)

Thanks for looking!


miralatiff said...

Ida..each house supposed to have fire extinguisher kan?? bagus sangat when your company take initiative to organuze such program..

Besides knowing how to use fire extinguisher, Ida kena selalu check expiring date on it jugak okay!

*Idina* said...

Thanks for the info ida!

p/s- How's ur sore throat? Get well soon!

::Ida:: said...

mira : yes. supposedly every house or everyone should have it :)

u mean check the pressure right? yaa... forgot to mentioned that the company gave us 4 years warranty. meaning new replacement everytime its been used (in case of fire je ye. not play2) :P

Idina : sharing is caring! :)

wahh.. i dont know what's wrong with me.. once makan uphamol, semua sakit hilang. then after few hours, sakit dtg balik, makan panadol/uphamol, hilang balik. should i be worried? huhuhu

Mummy Chubby said...

hai idazz...dah jadi da bomba lak skang..huhu...hadiah menang contest, x sempat2 bungkus lagik..nant mummy roger k

::Ida:: said...

hehehe... pesanan khidmat masyarakat :D i mcm2 boleh jadik :P

ahh.. takpe... take your time.. no hurry pon :) (i dapat ape ek? hehe)

*Idina* said...

ida : hmm.. nnti kena tanya doktor tu~

miralatiff said...

Ida..pressure gauge tu kene check jugak and rase nyer each fire extinguisher ade expired date..sebab mostly fire extinguisher yang our company pakai kena certified every 6 months..maybe Ida punye yang better version punya la selalu opted yang murah nyer la kan..

Mummylicious said...

*clapclapclap* on your preventive measures. Now, the next preventive step: not to let Hariz get his hands on the new gadgets.
I heard fire extinguishers, once a naughty toodler can figure it out = a room full of bubbles and foams. FUN!

::Ida:: said...

idina : it happens that i had some kind of viral infections that mades all my muscles aching. but no worries. it's not vital. dia bagi pnadol je. :)

mira : haa ya betol2 :)

mummylicious : thank you thank you :) hahaha really? i can picture that happening to hariz. ohh he is so notty now. he could almost climb of his cot u know. sib baik dah lower down the level. haish.

tan said...

hi, how much u bought for the 3 items?

Ida said...

hi tan.
i think it was rm300++ if im not mistaken. been so long since i bought them

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Ida. I just came back from One Hour Talk about this fire prevention. The information was so useful and directly I try to find it thru internet..then I found your blog...(also borrow some picture, can I?)


I just wanna know the price outside coz the price that they gave us was quite expensive for me as I'm only a clerk..that concern about my family's safety. :(

Unfortunately, I think it is true that they dont sell it outside.Or..perhaps it is also true that people dont expect that the fire will attack them. :(