Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ho Chi Minh City through my lens...

Goooddd mooorning Malaysia!!! Hehe.. Has any watched this movie before? No? Good! because I'm not here to talk about the movie by the way :P

Since it was a 4-days trip, so I'm going to split the entry into 4 okay? Or maybe 3 :P

Anyways, let's start with the flight taking us to the city shall we? For us staying in Penang, we had to take another flight to reach LCCT which was Firefly  and for the 1st time in my flying experience, I've never seen a boarding pass written in hand, have you? Unfortunately, their computer system was down and they had to write all the passengers' details by hand. Can you imagine there were like 50 of them? Fuh!

(above clockwise) The view from the plane. Can you see the city below? Or was it a Mekong river that we passed? and this is how my boarding pass looks like :P

Once we arrive the Saigon Airport, went through the security and custom, get our luggage, I was surprise to see there was a HUGE crowds outside the airport waiting for us. ...... Nah.. just kidding!:P But the crowd part is true! I don't know what they were waiting for. I asked our tour guide " is this normal?" she said not really. Well maybe they are waiting for someone or something. Uh.. I feel like a celebrity for a moment there. :P

One of the building that we passed and below (male) is our tour guide in Vietnam, Ken and the lady with the yellow t-shirt is our tour guide from Malaysia, Ms. Ho.

These are things you will see in Vietnam , hundreds of motorists! They said, the amount of the motorcycle owned by an individual is 2 person per bike. That's a lot! and they have a special traffic light meant for motorcycle only. The traffic was crazy! I don't think I could ever drive or ride a bike here. *shrugs.

Can you tell what's that entangled cables? They are phone and electric cables! OMGeee!! I wonder how do they maintained that.

(clockwise from left) The city council building, Kim Do Royal Hotel (where we stayed), one of the apartments and State Treasury, Nguyen Hue District 1.It's a conservation building with new glass building design at the back. The tall building behind is Financial Tower, Ho Tung Mau Street.It is a 68-storey office block design by an American Architect Carlos Zapata.

Then we went to have lunch at a muslim restaurant. The food was ok. I think they taste much more better than Bali.

After the lunch, we went to visit Villa Riviera, District 1. This is the first gated community in HCMC. The price? Minimum 1.5mil USD.

Okay. That's the end of Day 1. Not so much things to do. I was exhausted from the trip and once we got to the hotel, we went to had dinner at this Singapore restaurant and later, went back to the hotel and tido! That will be my 1st time sleeping through the night after 8 months! Huaaaa...!!! I do really need that rest ;)

To be continued.....


ezura evenstar said...

wow...seronok nyer u got da chance to visit vietnam...i hope 1 day i get da chance to travel there too...hehe cant wait for your next entry on the trip...interesting to read, learn & experience it through other ppl's view and experience ;)

::Ida:: said...

hi juju! thanks! well as u can see, i would love to share everything and anything that i know and blog is the best medium to do it!!! :)

Ainul said...

besynyer p sana.saya pun konon2 plan nk celebrate 1st anniversary bln 7 ni kt sana tp ter'peknen' lak.huhuhuhu

::Ida:: said...

really?? LOL! im not sure whether its suitable for honeymooners.. hmmm..

ella said...

homaigod! biar betul cable dia bole berselerat mcm tuh...

anyway, lawa2 la gamba.. admire ur photo skills.. (dah lama dah nak ckp, eheh!) :)

::Ida:: said...

ella : itu laa.. giler la technicians dier tak maintain :P

ahh.. thanks dear... im still learning tho.. huhu