Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You will drool for these camera straps!

While I was browsing through a blog of my favorite blogger, Amanda, I saw something hanging on her neck that really caught my eyes and I was like "ohmaigod!! I must have it!! like noww!!!"

 {photo taken from her blog}

It's a camera strap from Cotton Candy by Natalie. Isn't it adorable? It's soo gorgeous! It could replace my black boring strap. *faint

I quickly click on the website and saw more jaw dropping, drooling, funky designs!! (ok i may be exaggerate a bit but I can't help it!!!)

 See what I mean?

and of course, one click led to another, I began googgling for handmade camera straps in Malaysia but sadly, I couldn't find one :( I emailed them to ask whether they could ship to Malaysia. Still waiting for the reply tho. -_-

and this is from Priddy Creations selling another handmade camera straps :

Anyone know where can I get this in Malaysia? I really really want one, or two.. maybe 3.... or 4 won't hurt? :P


reena said...


Love the colorful designs!

Ida, kalau u nak order, i nak tumpang sekali. Serius ni.

::Ida:: said...

really??? u want??? okeh!! i think pon nak collect a few and combine the shipping. i pon tgh dok browse2. tengok u nak yg mana n let me know tauu! :D

reena said...

Ok. U bagitau la u nak yang from Cotton Candy by Natalie or Priddy Creations. Pastu i pilih, then bagitau u.

::Ida:: said...

right on!!! im not sure from priddy tu whether can ship to malaysia or not. but etsy does! nnti i bgtau u yer.. gosh.. browsing for these stuff sangat pening kepala boleh???

::miZz-hiGa:: said...

hi ida, i think u should check this out


::Ida:: said...

hi mizz higa!

thanks for the link!! i;ve seen it while browsing before :P really not bad but they the materials are quite limited..*sigh. nways thanks darl!!! anymore links??? :D

p!nkerton said...

sematttt ok!
nak jugakkk! (tapi camera nya tadak camna?) haha

miralatiff said...


If dieorang leh shipping ke Malaysia mira nak tumpang skit shipping cost..

ciEk NiENa said...

hai kak ida, anda telah di TAG..
sila terima yea :)


Mummylicious said...

buat sendiri? I saw a DIY somewhere online once. Its quite easy. Get IKEA fabric and tadaaah. but i know, tu kena rajin but it will be very personalised.

i think i remember seeing this in bangsar once and someone was selling in KL. But i was happy with my camera strap. That and no money! good luck on your search!

::Ida:: said...

pinkerton : sematt kaann??? mcm2 ade.. camera strap etc. go check their web ;)

mira : okeh boleh no problem!

cik niena : haii!! okeh.. nnti i buat the tag naaa . thank u!! :)

mummylicious : yeah i know right? i wish i could do it bymyself. senang giler. (ahaks. konon!) and boleh buat banyak2!! that's that mean i need to buy a sewing machine now? hhmmm...

chokilala said...

You might want to check this out :)