Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Heat rash on a baby

Hariz is the kind of baby that sweats a lot, I mean really a lot. He sweats every time I nurse him. He sweats when the weather gets a bit warm and he sweats when he is asleep. The sweats on him didn't really bothers me that much. He just get wet so much and we just change his cloth often and so I thought.

Not until yesterday, well it was actually few days ago, that we discover small red bumps on his chest, back and arms.

{rashes on the arms , back & chest}

Heat rash happens when the body heated and the skin pores got blocked out because of the sweats and small pores. Heat rash is not serious but it shows that the body is too warm. Usually it is not painful and maybe a bit itchy. As for Hariz, he didn't had any pain or itchiness. I was a bit worried when I saw all the reds dots on his body (who doesn't?).

So before he went to bed, I just wiped him off with lukewarm water.

and this morning when I woke up, to my surprise, all the red bumps are gone!!

I think my mistake the night before was I applied him a balm on the rashes and it went bad the day after. So what I did last night, I didn't put anything on the rash (oil, ointment, powder etc). Really saves our trip to the doc :P

However, if the rashes came with a fever, never hesitate to straight away to see your doc. It could be something else other than rashes.

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Suzie said...

i thot hariz kena chickenpox or allergic...mujur nothing serious kan? :)

aNnAsUe'G said...

wooo nmpk byk ye? ruam panas tu kan. nasib baik sehari je dah hilang. nasib baik hariz tak garu2, kalo tak mesti lg teruk nnt. sian die. :)

::Ida:: said...

suzie : i thought so too! pening i pikir susu xsesuai ke, sabun basuh baju ke, chicken pox ke, sabun badan tak kena ke, alergik makanan ke.. pening! tapi kena kat badan je.. luckily its gone within a day!! lega snagattt

sujie : tu laa.. menakutkan jugak. i tak lena tido. dier tak gatal kot coz dia mcm biasa je.. takde garu2. nasib baik dah hilang. huhuhu

Mawar said...

ida, Azfar pun slalu ada rashes mcm hariz tp around neck je. One day ada, another day gone, few days later develop balik. i pun confuse, tp since dia ok je so i pn tak risau sangat

reena said...

Sian Hariz..

::Ida:: said...

mawar : u ade pegi clinic? i mcm nak pegi tapi he seems ok je kan.huhuhu

reena : he is fine for now :)

Mawar said...

masa dia newborn i ada la pegi. Doc ckp heat rash so dia bagi cream utk rashes tu. Tp tu la, bila apply hilang la sat pastu ada balik. Tp i guess Azfar punya rashes tu more on ventolin side effect kot. mcm doc plak i hehe.

::Ida:: said...

oo yeke. hariz tak penah ada rashes. ni dah besar ni baru ada pulak. as long as dier sihat, xdemam should be ok kan :)

donarose said...

alhamdulillah nasib dah ok. heat rash mungkin sbb ada baju dia pakai tebal sikit kot masa tu?

btw Comeynya Hariz boleh duduk diam while you took the pictures :D

Mummylicious said...

tatau la pulak heatrash boleh show sampai penuh satu belakang camtu. i though kat leher2, celah2 kaki camtu je. ...good to know.

but i think i had enough drama with rashes. sigh. but PP pun senang sweating. this info might be useful later so i wont go all panicky again!

::Ida:: said...

dona : maybe every morning hantar nursery dier lambat mandi kot coz pj dier agak tebal.. huhuhu

mummylicious : i know rite?? i pon pelik coz only badan je... luckily its gone d next day.. but appear balik lepas tu :P