Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is he for real?

Yesterday, I went out for lunch with wan out of our daily basis. So wan chose to had lunch at the New World Park called Mizi Bistro. We love their lunch sets provided with very low price which is RM21 per set (soup+main course+drink+free flow ice cream).

Anyway, while we were waiting for the food, there's a shoe shop just next to the restaurant. I was really keen to go and take a look because I've been wanting to buy a shoe but never really found the one I want (well actually couldn't find my size!). Knowing that wan is the kind of guy yang not really fond of shopping nih, so I malas la nak pegi tengok2 so I just expressed my disappointment for not being able to find my size to wan, casually ..

Me : I dah lama dok carik kasut. SEMUA kedai i pegi, SEMUA takde size. yang ade pulak, tinggi sangat. haihhh... i think nak pegi tengok jap later kedai kasut tu (pointing at the one next to the restaurant).
wan : pegi la tengok now. your food tak sampai lagi. 
me : (hoh? r u serious?) really? so i go now ek?
wan : go lah.
me : (happily walk in to the store and 1 minute later got out with dissapointment)
wan : ada?
me : *sigh.. ade tu ade... tapi tinggi sangat laa.. like tinggi gilerrr... camne i nak pakai...
wan : alaa.. u kan pegi office je pakai. masuk office pakai selipar kan.
me : mana adaaa...(what is he trying to say here?)

food arrive... makan makan... kenyang...

wan : tak mau pegi tengok skali lagi?
me : (is he for real?) tak mo ler.. tinggi sangatt... plus its already 2pm. kena masuk office dah.
wan : are you sure?
me : seriously? who are you? what have you done to my husband???

ok the last part tu i juz made it up :P 
it's just really weird to me cause that is totally not wan, the guy i married to :P
wan i used to know, when I started a conversation about shoes or shopping, he would totally shove it off :P

I guess marriage does change a person. In a good way :)


*Idina* said...

True! =) Embrace the change and Enjoy every moment together!

I'm loving my married life lots!

May we have a happily ever after story .. Amin..

::Ida:: said...

insyallah... aminnn :)

IejaSharikin said...

tah2 dia ade udang sebalik mee ko..baik siasat..hahaha..xde la acah aje..:P

::Ida:: said...

hahaha... a change to good doesnt necessarily ada udang sebalik mee :P

Arifah said...

hhehhe..saya baru kahwin, so, tak berapa nampak lagi perubahan pada si dia...maybe, soon... =P.

::Ida:: said...

been married for almost 2 years now. baru nampak :P

aNnAsUe'G said...

tgh die mood baik tu, kot2 die nak belanja ke? ;p

::Ida:: said...

sujie : aminnnnnnnnnn.... mudah mudahan mulut u masin la kann.. :P

reena said...

Aawwww. Guys memang unpredictable sometimes whether married or blom married.

kowneysa said...

i guess he already know kaki ang tu mmg susah nk cari size...hahahaha
so layan je la..mmg tau tkdak size pun...;p
aku balik next weekend..kalau nk tgk nia..mai la..and pls bawa dat fridge magnet tau..;)

::Ida:: said...

reena : in deed!! mmg unpredictable! ingatkan women je :P

kown : aku balik jugak!! hehehe.. insyallah aku p..nnti aku call dulu b4 caming :D n ya.. nnti aku bawak lerr... :P

ella said...

i like this! hehe! way to go to Wan for becoming a very understanding husband!

::Ida:: said...

hehehe yeay me!! :D

Anonymous said...

ida this is ur hubby commenting..

he is just 10 step ahead of u ... dh itu je komenyer :D

Mummylicious said...

well its about time! i think my husband still dont understand why to me handbags are better investment than watches. sigh..apakah rahsia anda?

gorgeous shoes makes me swoon but selagi dia tak bayar, dia tak kisah i masuk mana pun. haha.

::Ida:: said...

oh hubby ku : 10 step ahead eh? hmm.. how about 10 pairs? :P

mummylicious : lol. u hv to be presistent ;P everyday, bgn pagi je.. its all about shoes shoes shoes tak caye tanye my huby :P

Anonymous said...

Hi..the secret of a harmonious marriage is to take the wife shopping and let her loose in the mall.
Let her call you for 2nd opinion until then just hang around at the oldtown kopi tiam :)


::Ida:: said...

max! you're rightt!!!!
you will feel like sumtin is missing if his opinion didnt count right? :D

Anonymous said...

Yes Ida, no matter what, a wife or gf really wants the approval of her man... it doesn't matter if he knows nuts about fashion!
I enjoy dressing up my wife :)


::Ida:: said...

oh wow!
this is from a men's point of view!
i thought u're a women!
she must be a very lucky lady :D

Anonymous said...

I think i am a very lucky man to have her as my's amazing how she puts up with my crankiness :)

On the other hand I am sure that most wives do that right?