Thursday, July 8, 2010

How to get flat tummy after pregnancy? *secrets revealed*!

On previous entry, I've  posted photos of me and many wonders how I got back my figure after giving birth to Hariz so soon! The secrets? There are none! :P *bummer*

Actually, my belly is as flabby as you guys too. no kid! :P (pengakuan berani mati) Maybe in that photos ,what I really did was really holding up my breath every seconds the camera's shutter click and of course, with the help of Spanx :P

Anyway, I did some search on how to get flat belly and found this info that is quite useful for those who is too lazy to do exercise but want instant result. (like me! :P)

1. Nurse
Not only is your milk best for baby, but nursing will help get you back in shape more quickly. Sucking stimulates the release of the hormone oxytocin, which contracts your uterus and helps it to shrink more quickly to (nearly) its pre-pregnant size. And you naturally burn calories to make breast milkevery time you nurse. 
2. Pelvic Tilt
To strengthen abdominal and lower back muscles and improve posture, lie on your back with knees bent together and feet flat. Slowly breath in deeply, let your abdomen rise, then while exhaling pull your abdomen in tightly and push the small of your back flat against the floor. Hold for five seconds. Release and repeat ten to fifteen times.

3.Head Lift
To strengthen abdominal muscles and stabilize the posture by flattening the back, lie on your back with your knees bent. Place one or both hands on your tummy to remind you to keep your backbone flat to the floor. Take a deep breath and raise your head slowly while exhaling. Then lower your head slowly while inhaling. Raise your head a little higher each time. Keep your eyes toward the ceiling. As your abdominal muscle tone gradually improves, you can do the head lift exercise along with the pelvic tilt.

4. Hula hoops
Some one once told me that you could get flat belly by using hula hoops. I bought mine at giant for rm19 kalau tak silap. You're suppose to do this for 15minutes everyday but I only managed for 15seconds :P But the results (for 15seconds) was amazing! I can feel the muscles around my abs started to ache (meaning it works right?) Imagine if I could do it in 15 minutes!

I'm sure you too have your own tips on how to get flat belly right? c'mon, don't be so stingy. Share with us! :)


*Idina* said...

Cool~ I'm yet to have babies but i've gained approximately 10kgs after kawen (due to the yummy late night suppers)

Thanks ida!

::Ida:: said...

oh wow... thats a lott!! hehehe.. well this is merely for those yg dont want to spend much money and with some determinations of course :P

yaNa MaLeK said...

i used to do sit up but now not anymore..due to my lazinesss..hahhaha skng pdm muke sudah buncit cm org peknen 1 month tho i'm not married yet..

need to work out la kan..hehehe hula hoop sounds interesting :P

i've read somewhere yang if u minum air limau nipis nti perut akan kempis..i've yet to try it

::Ida:: said...

ahh.. i ni hangat2 taik ayam.. buat kejap pastu stop :P

i think hula hoop is the most interesting and workable so far :)

yaa.. limau nipis pon ader gak.. tapi mau minum dengan ais baru sedapp...ummm .. nyaman..

Mummy Zara Sofea said...

i hope, 2nd prgnancy ni, pas deliver leh kurus balik...aritu smpai 20kg naik tu,..then turun bpe je...huhuhu..

::Ida:: said...

bila due sheeda? best nyer dah nak masuk 2.. huhuh.. teringin gak tapi belom ready :P

Zulaikha Mohamad said...

i think i just got lucky coz my body still maintain.. hehe.. i think coz of the genetik.. semua dlm family i camtu.. and breastfeed help us a lot.. :-)

::Ida:: said...

yerla kan. sometimes it runs in the family jugak... lucky you! :)

Mummylicious said...

i nak add another! just have a very buas baby and that is all the exercise you need. :P

but i think playtime with baby can also be used as exercise. dulu (time rajin) i used to go for walks with baby PP. (n then kena serang kerengge, diff story).

also now, since i C-sec, only now can do sit ups. so time buat sit ups tu, i letak PP atas kaki main terbang2 etc. i tatau what you call it. but alah, main jongkang jongket camtu.

anyway, happy enough with current tummy. ada ka org ingat i anak dara. nak ngorat. hahaha

::Ida:: said...

iceh mummy... i tink c-sec mummy ni got lucky laa.. all the fats tu doc scraped sekali keluar when taking ur bby out kan kan...thats y u had flat tummy :P