Friday, July 9, 2010

You know you are FABULOUS if you watched these!

Laugh all you want but I loveeee watching these TV shows. I find some kind of serenity when I got home from the hectic work at the office. Rasa tenang jee.. LOL. Below are some of my favorites and fun to watch TV shows.
I don't mind watching these over and over again. Kimora is really fun to watch but I admit, the Baby Phat lines are not so famous here in Malaysia like Victoria's Jeans right?

Even though everything is so fake, I still love them. From Kim to Khloe.

This one, well... kalau ada tengok je.. takde la sampai follow. Tapi best jugak :P

This is something I would never get bored watching. The drama, the challenge. The photo shoot , the bitching. Love em!

Ahh this is new. I think Courtney Cox still has her Monica Gellar inside of her in this show ;)

and last but not least.. my favourite that I've never missed each episodes so far!

I love music and I love all the songs they sang in each episodes especially when they do Gaga. Sadly the 1st season is ending soon. *sob sob. Hopefully there'll be 2nd season with more drama and silliness. :P

What's your favorite TV shows?


reena said...

Suka Kimora, KUWTK, ANTM and Glee too!

Baby Phat masa zaman hip hop masa early 2000 dulu quite femes here.

Other than that, i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee CSI franchises. Boleh khatam the whole CSI series satu hari dengan tak mandi apa semua. Ngeee :p

Kalau nak cakap pasal fav tv series, memang tak kan habis sebab banyak gila!

IejaSharikin said...

*master chef
*top gear


::Ida:: said...

lol. i know righhht!!! owh lupa masuk friends!!! and of course csi! tapi i suka NY and LV je. not miami. and now, LV without grissom mcm dah takde makna :(

::Ida:: said...

ieja... im sooo lost tengok lost tu :P

ella said...

found another gleek! hahaha!

my everyday must watch skang ialah Family Guy on FOX. kelakar gila babas.

IejaSharikin said...

hahaha..tau xpe..last year cover tgk LOST 5 satu hari 8 jam mengadap smpi kepala pening...tpi buat keje gile ni weekend aje la..

x suka tgk tv series ni sbb klau skali dh tjebak mesti nk follow punye..tu la end up 1 hari 8 jam tgk LOST..x makan pon sanggup..seb baik x bsuami lagi..klau x harus kena baling luar tingkap...hahaha..

::Ida:: said...

ella : im a gleek :P ahhh fox! i tak tengok lagi channel tu.. banyak series kan..? fuh.. tak tercatchup aku :P

ieja : betol tuu.. very addictive tau. desperate housewives laa.. dulu layan jugak prison break.. ahhh apa tah nama mamat yg kacak giler tuu.. Michael scofield! *faint

wani said...

sya pun sngat2 in love ngan Kimora..especially Ming Lee...sweet aje bdak kecik tu..

glee is the best tv shoe ever..
hahaha...die hard fan ni..

*Idina* said...

Oh I love CSI - LV (with Grissom, sedih dia dah takde =/ )

and GLEE of course! 'L' ;)

and Desperate Housewives (although kdg2 pening kepala dgn conflicts diorang)

and How I Met Your Mother

and The Nanny (all time fav sejak kecik)

(Urm, too much to list kan?? Aiyak!)

::Ida:: said...

wani : and the fact that she's a mother and a mogul and business women!!!! kagum kan??
ahh yess.. glee!!!! i think its the music la.. kan :)

idina : Owh owhh!!! i love The Nanny tooo!!!!! I love CC and the butler tu nama apaa.. hahaha.. giler dia tuh :P

mar!ahaf!z said...

americas nx top model sgt best

kimora pun i layan..

the nanny.. dr dulu sampai skrg, mmg "cute" je lawak2 dia..

*Idina* said...


Butler tu nama dia Niles~ Tgk byk kali pon still gelak guling2, haha!

(p/s - Me still follow the series after so many times tengok kt hallmark channel, =p )

::Ida:: said...

maria : i'll never get bored of ANTM. Tapi australian tak best kan? maybe sbb takde tyra banks :P

idina : aahhh niless!! hahaha.. bengong sket dia tu :P

aNnAsUe'G said...

tak sempurna hidup i tanpa :

1. ANTM [dr season 1 sampai 14 semua i dah khatam! ;p]
2. kimora
3. the kardashians
4. glee
5. so you think u can dance.

owh! semuanya best!

Zulaikha Mohamad said...

I love watching all of them except COUGAR.. tak penah lg tgk.. best ek?? kene tgk jgk nih.. hehehe

::Ida:: said...

sujie : ANTM dah sampai season 14 ek?? LOL. i tengok kat astro jeee :P

zulaikha : u should watch cougar!!!! besstt gilerr!!!! :P

Papakeechee said...

when I grow up I wanna be just like KIMORA ... *my husband would be banging his head if he ever reads this* ... kekekke ...

The Kardashians are kewl as well ... i love to watch KIM all dolled up cause she soooo pwetty!!! ....

I cant hog the tv so much cause I have my tiny hogger controlling wat we watch ... so i have to add "Hagemaru" and Geng Bas Sekolah to my list of fav shows ... ngeh ngeh

This is .... said...

America's Next Top Model
America's Got Talent..
TV series, tak ikut.. malas.. hehe

::Ida:: said...

papakechee : you work it girl!! *snap *snap :P

hehehhe.. luckily mine is still a baby. hang tunggu satt dia dah besaq nanti :P

this is : hehehe.. tu laa.. kalau series yg bersambung2 ni bosan sket kan.. esp kalau termiss 1 episode. terus malas nak tengok

I.Q.W.A said...

menyampah tgk cougar town.. mcm org tua gatal je.. huhu

::Ida:: said...

hehehe... tapi mcm enjoy layaaannn :P

SoFiA.opY said...

Oh oh!hi there!i just found ur blog and oh sukaaaaa!

My fave tv show is definitely Glee!tapi kan Cougartown adelah sangat sengal!i liokee~

90210 tu best sebab boleh cuci mata tgk hot guys..HA HA HA.

k babai!gonna follow u from now on ;)

Salam Ramadhan!

::Ida:: said...

ohh helo sofiaa!!! hehehe

i like glee too!!! to bad season 2 belum keluar lagi.. dah habis pusing dah 1st season tu.. siap boleh hafal :P

and cougartown.. mmg sengall!! lmao!

and thanx for dropping by!!
slamat berpuasa!!!!