Thursday, July 1, 2010

Your favourite reading sites!

Hi guys!!!

I'm going to be away again tomorrow for 2 days.
So before my blog being left alone without entry, 
I need your help by leaving me in my comment section this.

Pleasee.. share with me your

Favorite reading sites!

Mine is always shopblog, shopblog shopblog sampai pokai mak.
I love to blog hopping and discover new blogs or sites.
Doesn't matter it's entertainment sites, fashion sites or you firends' :)
I want to know where your favorite 'hangout' place.
What sites you love to read.
Sites you've got hook up with.

Thank you so much guys!!
You're the bestt!! :D


reena said...


Blog: Banyakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! One of them is

Tapi yang ni paling best:


CiKaYu said...

alamak..bnyk lah pula....tapi yg best ni ha

::Ida:: said...

hahahaha... promote nampak :P

owhhh loveee the!!!!!

thanks reena!!!


aNnAsUe'G said...

owh! i suke jugak!!!
thanks for sharing! ngeee. ;D

i plak suke yg ni!

littlehumblelynn said...

really suker baca blog nih


try test baca...sure enjoy!

:: LadyVerde + Mr.Doc :: said...

i know i know...
muahahahhahahhahaha...yes poyo poyo tau ;p

nways if u r fan of designer handbags, u should check out The Purse Forum!
loads of infooooooooooo n cuci mate!!! ;D

windy said...

haney said...

::Ida:: said...

woooo!!! banyak nyaaa besttttbessstt!!!!! thankx guysss!!!

btw verde, wait for my next entry.
ive got somethin for you :P

zy alyas said...

wah bagus la emtry pon nk tumpang skali la...tenkiu..