Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My head is spinning round and round and round

Actually I've been feeling a bit dizzy today from waking up on the wrong side of bed. HUhuhuhu..

This is how it happened. Hariz woke up crying again last night (this been going on for the past 2 weeks!) I have no idea what's got into him. He will wake up twice at 2am and 4am. 

and last night,I woke up to his cried, jumped off the bed, and twirled like this

before I went to take him out of his cot. Then I felt like the house is like a big ship being hit by giant waves! urrgghh!!!! I hate thissss!!! Satu hari tak bleh nak buat keja!

Now I feel like wanna puke. Uuuppptttt!!!!


*Idina* said...

Get well soon ida!!

Papakeechee said...

i know the feeling ... just got kicked on the eyeball by mine this morning ... no headache but sakit tahap gaban ...

hope ur feeling better aight! ^_^

::Ida:: said...

idina : thanks dear!

papakeechee : hahaha.. saw that in ur blog. poor u. luckily noting serious :P

u too!! :)