Monday, August 16, 2010

2 years ago on this date, we got married..

Today marked our 2nd year Anniversary. (This post meant to be yesterday 15/08 but stuck in the draft overnight :P)

and after 2 years, Hariz came into our life almost 10 months ago. 

We didn't manage to celebrate our 2nd anniversary though which is okay because we had a blast on our 1st anny last year :)

To my dear husband, Happy 2nd Anniversary to us.

May our life fill with love and joy and definitely more 'Hariz' to come :)


intanorazam said...

like like! more hariz to come please.

Suzie said...

happy anniversary ida...1st time tgk ur wedding pic,i kawen in 2008 too but in's still just the two of us :) blm rezeki lg..hehe..

::Ida:: said...

intan : hehe.. soonn!! tunggu hariz dah pandai cakap "mama nak adik pleaseee.. :P"

suzie : now dat u mentioned, i juz realized my blog mmg takde my wedding pic! :P this blog pon started juz before hariz was born :P
takpe suzie.. still early. i pon mcm terawal :P

Papakeechee said...

awww ... Happy Wappy Anniversary ^_^ ... I definitely wanna see more Hariz also ... ngah ngah ngah ^_^

Mawar said...

Happy 2nd anniversary ida & husband!!

Ainul said...

happy 2nd anniversary ida :)

aNnAsUe'G said...

happy anniversary!!!

'more hariz to come'.
wow! tak sabar nak tunggu! haha. ;D

IejaSharikin said...

tahniah la ek..2 tahun dh b'3..kire achievement tu.bkn sume org btuah camtu..;D
so skang kena plan utk b'4 la plak..ngee.:P

Lea Shmea said...

happy anniversary u guys! may Allah bless your marriage insyaAllah. :)

mar!ahaf!z said...

happy anniversary ida n hubby :)

yaNa MaLeK said...

happy 2nd anniversary ida and hubster :D

may u be bless with happiness always

rizaros said...

happy anniversary kak..
best tgk blog akak.. hheehe..
thniah2.. :)

p!nkerton said...

happy anniversary ida & hubby! wishing you wonderful years ahead ;)

Zulaikha Mohamad said...

happy 2nd anniversary to both of u.. semoga berbahagia selalu.. :-)

nana said...

happy anniversary k.ida =)

::Ida:: said...

wow.. !
thank you so much guys for all the wishes!! *tears..*
we are blessed to have you as friends (yes we, this blog meant for me and wan and hariz!! :))
i could not believe how much this meant to me to share this special date with all of you :)
thank you again :)

p/s : this reminds me, this blog too will be celebrating it's 1st anniversary! yeay!! and been thinking to do a giveaway!!! yeayy!!!(again) so stay tunedd!!!! :D

reena said...

Happy anniversary, Ida & husband!

Moga bahagia sampai akhir hayat.

P/S: More 'Hariz'? What about 'Harizah'? Heh.

*Idina* said...

Happy Anniversary ida!!

May you both be blessed with lots of love and happiness~

::Ida:: said...

reena!! thanks for the wish!!!
aminnnn~ dengan ucapan... anda bila pulak :P

p/s : iyee.. next insyallah harizah pulak :P

idina : thanks dear!! :)

miralatiff said...

Happy Anniversary Ida and Wan!

Raya ni kita jumpa okay!

::Ida:: said...

haii mirraaa!!!
balik jb ekk??
insyallah! ida balik raya ke-2!!
c yaa!!! :D

kowneysa said...

yeay..i wanna have 'ur giveaway..;p
since zaffa also will be contributing football player to our team..i hope dis time..dapat cheerleader la plak..;p

neway congratulation dear..kejap jer masa berlalu..and i'm still here..*sigh*

::Ida:: said...

thank you kown :)
ya i know zaffa ader sms aku aritu.. haih.. kalau idak boleh la aku beli baju girly2 yg bunga2 tu untuk dier :P

and your time will come kown.. god is planning sumtin better for u :D

:: LadyVerde + Mr.Doc :: said...

owh doll...
happy anniversary u love birds!
wish u more wonderful marriage years ahead! ;D

::Ida:: said...

awww thank you verde!
thats so sweet of you :)
selamat berpuasa!!!