Tuesday, August 17, 2010

annnnd another contest I have won!! yeay me!!!

I entered another contest the other day. 

Ever since I've won 2 contests organized by bloggers online, I just can't help myself but to enter more and try my luck. Just to see whether or not I'm qualified for contests :P

This time the contest was not mummy being pregnant :P, but to complete a slogan. It's a contest organized by Purpleplum Store

Purpleplum Store is an online shopping heaven for those who loves good bargains and ... hear this, they also offering Chanel, LV, Gucci you name it at an even lower price! (That explains how I came across this e-shop at first place :P)

 photo from purpleplum store's blog

Anyway, back to the contest, I didn't win the 1st price which is Harrods shopper bag! PS promised prizes for 1st to 3rd place but they were so kind enough to throw another mystery gifts for those who had joined the contest! How cool is that! Wanna know what did I get?

Awesome fridge magnet!!!!! And it says London!!!
and I've never even been to London before!!!! yeayyy!!!!

and with this gift, I can add to my so-called fridge magnets collection....!!

.... well.. sort of collection :P


reena said...

Rajinnya u join contest2 ni. Hehe.

::Ida:: said...

hohoho.. itu nama nya takde kejeeee :P

mar!ahaf!z said...

i pun takdela terjebak, tapi people ajak2 suruh join.. so i buat je la..
setakat ni 3 out of 4 contests yg i join, i ada dpt smtg.. hehe.. seronok pulak..

Nuown said...

sukenye garfield tu !!! :)

Suzie said...

i pun suka kumpul fridge magnets n london punya pun i ada bcoz given by my bestie...i join 1 contest je dulu by schazwany n dpt aussie fridge magnet,sukanyaaaa...so i knew how u feel :)

::Ida:: said...

maria : its fun actually when u 1st won something and rasa mcm ade je harapan boleh menang :P

nuown : hahah me too!! u know what? that magnet has been with me since i was 10!! believe it or not!!! :)

suzie : hehehe.. its fun right?? i grin sampai telinga when i got this magnet. adding to my so called collection :P mine yg mcm batu2 tu slalu jatuh n pecah. sayanngg

||kiena|| said...

huhuhu ida,.. kiena pon collect fridge magnet! kekekeke mengikut hobby my mum,..

Lea Shmea said...

oh my! i ingat u menang handbag chanel tadi. hahaha tipah tertipu.

::Ida:: said...

kiena : really?? i takde la collect sangat.. kalau ade ade laa :P

lea : hahahahaha.. waaahhh kalau i menang chanel nih.. i pengsan!! :P

kowneysa said...

tkderla banyak mana pun..hahahahaha
mana aku oya fridge magnet? berkurun tunggu..ingatkan dapat hadiah hand bag tu tadi..aku pun nak masuk la contest kalau camtu..;p

::Ida:: said...

hahaha.. mmg laaaaa.. ader lagik tapi dah pecah banyak :P

hang punya dah ada dalam luggage aku bleh? dari haritu lagi yg aku balik as konon hg balik jugak tuu.. huhuhu

MamaBalqisJournal said...

likewise Lea, I rili tot u won the Chanel! Wow bestnye klau mnang yg tu kan...nak2 raye ni...:)

::Ida:: said...

oh mamabalqis! how i wish!!! ade ke org nak bagi?? hehehe.. any contest offering this!!!?? count me ittt!!! :P

IejaSharikin said...

ops...igtkan kan you menang henbeg chanel tu...hehehe...xpe la fridge magnet pon ok..beramai2 la kite collect fridge magnet ye...i suka collect poskad jgk..

::Ida:: said...

hahaha. how i wisshh!!!! hehehehe..
i pon suka collect magnet, and baju, and kasut, and shawls :P

IejaSharikin said...

pompuan...xde benda pon dia x suka..suma la dia nk buat collection..;D