Thursday, August 26, 2010

Iftar at 160m above the sky!

We've been here few times for our iftar during the ramadhans. The food was ok. Plenty of menu to choose from but most of it are locals. The only unique experience dining here is the rotating restaurant up above. (is it called rotating? restoran berputar?)

Anyway, I was a bit dizzy at 1st because the dining deck keep rotating and I keep end up at the other part of the restaurant.

So we had another iftar at this tower last week and to celebrate my niece's 4th birthday.

The Menara Telekom Alor Setar

Both photo above were taken last year. We manages to get plenty of food before breaking fast sebab tak ramai sangat orang at that time.

and this photo onwards taken last weekend. That's Hariz and his tok abah. His 2nd time here. The 1st time was when he's still in my womb. Still counts right? :P

                       The food 'stall'              Abah's favourite 'kambing golek'

The princess blowing her 4th year candle

Hariz hates everything we put on his head. Be it cap, songkok, semua dia buang.

I didn't eat that much because ramai sangat orang and the food habis cepat. *sigh. macam tak puas je makan. I did have roti jala sampai 6 keping :P

The buka puasa is RM44 per pax. 50% off for RHB credit card holder.sorry salah info. it's AMBANK credit card holder .

Currently the tower is undergoing major renovations but didn't effect the restaurant at all. Should go here if you ever in town. Never tried the restaurant during normal days. You could just go up to the viewing deck too. You can even see Langkawi from up there :P


reena said...

Banyaknya foodddsssss! Dessert dia best tak?

::Ida:: said...

hahaha.. amik dulu bagi penoh meja b4 buka :P
dessert is okla. we love the abc. bape kali p amik tah. i tak sempat nak round 1 pusing this time. sibuk ngn hariz. huhuhu.. go try lah.. hehehee or pegi tengok2 atas tu pon romantik jugak :P

June Azizan said...

dear, u ada no phone menara telekom tu,cam best je tgk foods yang banyak tu, bleh pegi next week time nk balik umah inlaws

Mawar said...

ida, menara telekom ni lain ke dari menara alor star? rasa nak pi jugak bila balik umah in laws nnt.

::Ida:: said...

june : adaa.. nnti i bagi naa.. tgh mintak ngn my mom :P

mawar : same la yang :P

Zulaikha Mohamad said...

went there during my hubby's birthday.. zaman bercinta actually.. hehe.. the food was just so-so for me.. dun know la time ramadhan kot menu lg best.. hehe

kowneysa said...

bukan kita penah pegi ker masa zaman2 jahiliyyah dulu..? takkan ko tk join kitorg kot? musykil ni..

::Ida:: said...

zulaikha : really? ive never been here kalau time bukan posa.. maybe i did bak kata my fren kown neh :P tapi dah lupa :P

kown : now that u mentioned, ingat kot. hahaha.. lama giler dah laaa.. huhuhu. aku ingat minum air je kot..

kowneysa said...

mmg la pi time tk berapa nk kaya tu..kita minum ja..minum pun rasa dah mahai..hahahah
but i remembered that we're not paying anythg..hahahaha

dona::rose said...

wah bestnya makan kat revolving restaurant. kat aloq staq ka?

::Ida:: said...

haaa yess!! its called revolving!! hehehe
yess aloq staq :D
penang ade gak.. kat bayview hotel but never tried that one before