Monday, August 23, 2010

Elianto's beauty product and a story behind the missing palette

I was looking for a make up brush set the other day because my old ones is missing. I may have misplaced is somewhere when we were moving. *sigh. I love Beautilicious brushes so much and it's really worth it for only RM49! Now I couldn't find the same one at any Watson's. Raya is closer and I need the make up brushes pronto! (mind you I'm a sucker for a bargain. To me, good stuff + cheaper price = happy me! call me kedekut taik idung masin but that's me! :P

Anyway, about this Elianto. Well I've been their fan since few years ago. I started to love their eye shadows' palette (you know the rounded one?) that cost RM5-6 per colour? So I already had a few, in loose and just bought the casing few weeks back.

All together, this is what my catch from Elianto this month.

  • Make up brush set
  • Lip gloss
  • Eyeliner sharpener
  • Eye shadow's empty pallet
This brush set came with 2 sponges so you can like, use it with make up or powder.

1 set consists of 5 brushes : Lips, blusher, eyeshodows and err.. 2 more eyeshadows.

Actually there's a story behind this eye shadow's palette. You see, the eyeshadow were sold loose, one colour for RM5-6 right? So 3 weeks ago, I bought this palette, empty one (well they don't sell ones with eyeshadows) for RM14 I think. I can't remember exactly how much it costs. I bought it in Jusco, Midvalley. 

At that time, I was purchasing this palette and 1 eyeshadow and the promoter requested for me to pay at the counter first before taking the item. But when I returned after the payment. she somehow had misplaced my item and took another one from the display. I just checked the 1 eyeshadow I purchased to make sure it was the right colour  and didn't bother to check for the palette because obviously I've paid for empty ones.

But not until 1 week ago, when I finally had the time to take out the palette and decided to put my loose eyeshadow in it, to my surprise, the palette was not empty! There were 3 eyeshadow in it and I love them colours! I know they are not mine but it's not my fault that the promoter messed up the item right? I guess it's her loss my gain :) and I'm here in Penang! How on earth I could go back to KL just to return that? 

I haven't use it anyway. But it's totally fine right? (why am I feeling this guilt?) because technically, it's not mine. *sigh.

p/s : on another note, after few hours writing this entry, I've found my Beautilicious make up brushes! So I don't think I will be using this Elianto's. Maybe I would give it away huh? :D


reena said...

Teringat dulu-dulu masa mula-mula start belajaq makeup. I start guna eye shadow Elianto yang RM5 tu. Hehe. I pun tak berapa nak splurge on makeup (except foundation).

Haaaaa apa kata u jual kat i makeup brush tu? Believe it or not, i tak dak set makeup brush langsung! Ada satu brush eye shadow ja.

::Ida:: said...

hahhaa.. jual? alaa. i baru nk buat hadiah give away :P
tapi tak tau nak buat give away camne :P

Suzie said...

it's not ur fault la ida...i'm currently using shu uemura + mac tools set,yg jenis ni berus (bristle) dia guna ponytail intead of sintetic...once u beli yg bagus boleh tahan lama,it's worth u know..hehe..i nak persuade u pulak ;)

aNnAsUe'G said...

i pon gune elianto je! sbb turun ofis terus nmpk kaunter die kat depan pintu seakan memanggil2. hohoho!

Arifah said...

bagi saya la senang..hikhik.. :)

::Ida:: said...

suzie : hehe :)
the thing is, i seldom wear makeup. so rase mcm rugi je beli mahal2. huhuhu.. but its actually an investment right? hmmm..maybe lepas my beautilicious set tu dah lunyai :P

sujie : yeay! dont u just love the colours?? best! they stick more on your face and terang! i like!!

arifah : hehehe... jap nak pikir :P

MamaBalqisJournal said...

Kire rezki lah tu. kan..:) tp klau still guilty maybe takleh lah pakai eh...hmm
giveaway wld be great sempena nak Raya ni..mesti ramai yg tgh stock up make-ups!

p!nkerton said...

no need to feel guilty lor, kire rezeki u la tu hihi. dulu i pon suka beli palette elianto sbb comel & eyeshadow dia pun murah (wpon murah long lasting & the colors cantik2) tapi dah few times terpatah palette tu huhu.. tak sure either benda tu yg fragile or i yang ganasszzz ;p

eeqa~ said...

hey! i love elianto too.. but tak pernah layan eyeshadow dier lagi.. best eyh?? i suke eyeliner die.. totally blackish n tak messy bile pakat. senang nak apply. oklah.. lepas nieyh, i nak usha eye shadow dier pulak.

erkk. mcm jd duta@promoter elianto pulak u nieyh.. as i am your first client... hoho~

senang jer nak bwat give away. bwat lah ape2 contest utk your readers. hee~ easy.

meh i bg link for your reference

contest simple jer.. hee.. cheers!

::Ida:: said...

hi eeqa!
tulaa.. mcm i pulak jual elianto kan.. hehhe. takpe2.. nnti org boleh refer here :P
seriously, u should try the eyeshadow. the colours are good and terang! u dont have to apply banyak kali.. :)

nways thanks for the link!
ok jugak mcm tu kan? hehe. at the same time promoting your blog :P

eeqa~ said...

hye back ida~

haha~ dear, unfortunately that is not my blog lah~ one of my blogger friends. i xpenah organize contest2 mcm nieyh.. hee~

~ aBBy ~ said...

salam k.ida,sorry no offence to interrupt ur interesting topic here. cume i once stopped by an elianto counter @ klcc. frankly speaking, most of the brushes are made out of something which is non-halal. i lupe ape but if x silap something related to ba-alif-ba-ya.
this happened when my friend nk beli brush for nail polisher. nearby ade lots of elianto makeup brushes & it clearly states with orange tags as NON-HALAL.
i cume nk share je. maybe yours of better quality & halal. but me better to be safe than sorry. btol x? =]

::Ida:: said...

hi abby!
sure sure.. non taken! :) i value each and everyone opinion :)
really? i seriously didnt know about that at all! and didnt bother to ask ni bulu ape..
huhuhu.. luckily im not using this brush yet.. terjumpa balik pulak my old ones..
a lot of brushes made up from boar's. maybe next time i should be more careful with this.
thanks for the info dear :)

syikin chee said...

I'm new user of elianto product. Nk tahu halal ke eh? Sbb ramai org kata produk luar negara ni tak halal kan? Hm. Cuma nk tau je.

syikin chee said...

I'm new user of elianto product. Nk tahu halal ke eh? Sbb ramai org kata produk luar negara ni tak halal kan? Hm. Cuma nk tau je.

syikin chee said...

I'm new user of elianto product. Nk tahu halal ke eh? Sbb ramai org kata produk luar negara ni tak halal kan? Hm. Cuma nk tau je.

::Ida:: said...

Hi Syikin!
Sorry dah lama tak jenguk this blog!
saya pon kurang pasti on the status. mungkin brushes boleh avoid. tapi make up wise should be ok rasanya.