Monday, August 2, 2010

Went shopping and went back with nothing :P

Say you just received your pay check, been planning for a weekend to shop till you drop, went to the mall, and after 5 hours, you went back home with nothing? Can you believe it?? I don't!!

I've been planning for the trip to the mall (Queens Bay Mall) for a week now since I hardly had the chance to shop like I used to especially now we are residing in Seberang Jaya. 

So we went out at 12pm since finding parking space was not a hassle. Orang belum ramai kot.

I promised Wan for a lunch treat because *ehem...(one cannot say why here) :P say I had few extra cash lah :P Wan has been wanting to have that mouth-watering-burger (that's what I've been hearing for the past week), we headed to TGIF.

Hariz having his homemade lunch (oat with chicken+carrots+spinach+potatoes) while watching golf on ESPN. 

SALE is everywhere!! ALL shops, I mean ALL was having sale. and CROCS were sold as low as RM50!!! Too bad they were running out of my size *sigh. 

Went to Brands Outlet, looking for Hariz's shoes but no size for him too. I guess he inherit the bigfoot huh ? :P

and yes, I did circle the mall few times but nothing really interest me.

Actually there is one thing here I did experience when I was at the mall.
If you are a mommy, you may know what Baby Room is. A room where you get to nurse your baby, feed him, change diaper, wash bottles etc. It's one facilities provided by the management for our mommies ease. I love Jusco's baby room. Very neat and convenient. 

So I was in the Jusco's Baby room with Hariz, and there was another parent in the room feeding his baby and suddenly there's this mother and her toddler about 4-5 of age headed to the sink, which was normal scene right? So I wasn't really paying attention to them and went back to play with hariz on the changing station until she did something that is totally unacceptable!

She let her boy pee in the sink!! Where you wash your bottles!!!

pretty much how the sink looks like. This is in Alamanda, Putrajaya. Taken from Leonalim.

I was so furious and I immediately voice out to her that her action was totally inappropriate!! It's unhygienic!!! Who knows the pee is still still on the sink and the next user place the baby bottles next to the sink??? Who knows???

Maybe I overreacted but please, be considerate and set a good example to your kids ya mommies? Maybe the parent did that before and so unlucky of her to do that when I was around.

Anyways,besides that 'incident' ,Saturday was pretty hectic for us. Later that night, we headed to Kulim for a house-warming party of Wan's friend.

Hariz loves being around people. He was very well behaved throughout the night.

 I just realized when editing this photo that the baby is staring at me in bewilderment :P

Looking forward for another weekend so I could spend time with my precious Hariz.. and Wan of course :)



hello sis. long time no comment. hihi.
i would like to suggest u this season must-have! a jumpsuit. wear it black for a slimmer look. really suits everybody! (:

::Ida:: said...

hi there!!!
lame menghilang :P
really? u tink?
geez.. i dont know..
my ass will probably take up the whole suit :P
maybe i could give it a try :P
thanks for the tips!!! :D

reena said...

Eeee! No manner la orang tu. Grrrr.

Err..U belanja your husband sebab Hariz nak dapat adik kah?



::Ida:: said...

haipppp reenaa!!!
pandai2 hang nohhhh..
takde least belom lagi la :P
kalau ader.. bukan treat burger jerr.. hehehehe :P

IejaSharikin said...

uewwwwwwww..pee in the sink? malay ke?x sekolah ke?mcm ni punye org pon ade...haisehhh...

::Ida:: said...

tu la pasaaaiiiiii.. mmg i tak boleh tolerate.. kena fire skali ngn haku haaa... :P
let's just say a parent lah.. regardless the race :)

IejaSharikin said...

susah ngan org yg xde kesedaran sivik ni..main belasah jek kot mane dan..bentan si anak tu nnti bru tau..hahahaha..(kejinye aku)

::The Shopaholic Tauke:: said...

eee....sabar je la org tu...hishhh...

*Idina* said...

Ida tak bertembung pon kita di QB hari tu~ I pegi pukul 6p.m, hehehe~

::Ida:: said...

idina : yeke? hehe.. ai dah selamat kat rumah dahh.. by 4 dah kuar penang pon :P