Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If you love books, you will faint with this awesome libraries!!

I used to love to go to the libraries and just sat there reading books and look at the magazines.But the only libraries I've ever been to were Alor Setar's Public Library and USM's. (see the bold word used to?) Because I don't do that anymore!and it's a sad thing that I hardly read any books nowadays. I can't even remember the last book I've read too!!! Teruk la ida!!

Anyway, last week I got this email from a friend yang rajin mengforward-forward email ni. Photos of the most incredible libraries around the world!!!Even I'm not an avid library goer was awed with these amazing photos!

1. University Club Library - New York City, United States

2. Canadian Library of Parliament - Ottawa, Canada

3. Yale University's Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library - New Haven, Connecticut

4. Iowa State Capital Law Library - United States 

5. Suzzalo Library at the University of Washington - Seattle, Washington

6. Admont Abbey Library - Austria

7. State Library - Victoria, Australia

8. Library at El Real Monasterio de El Escorial - Madrid, Spain

9. Jos Vasconcelos Library - Mexico City, Mexico

10. Real Gabinete Portugu's de Leitura - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

11. National Library of Finland - Helsinki, Finland

12. Mitchell Library - Sydney, Australia

13. Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library at University of Toronto - Toronto, Canada

14. George Peabody Library - Baltimore, Maryland

Okay. You can close your mouth now :P

Any of you been to any of these libraries???


reena said...

Perghhhh cun gilak ah semua library ni. Macam dalam movie Harry Potter punya library pun ada.

Dulu masa kecik-kecik suka la pi library. Dah besaq panjang ni lepak kedai buku je. Tapi tak sama la feeling dia dengan library. Heh.

aNnAsUe'G said...

wow! bestnye kalau dapat lepak baca buku. tp dah lama la tak membaca. asyik busy dgn bende lain je. sigh.

z a t i said...

woww.. no 3 tu mcm UTP punya library ;DD

anyways, love your blog.

nurul sss said...

"I used to love to go to the libraries and just sat there reading books and look at the magazines".....errrrr susah nak dipercayai.....more like "i used to love going to the library to have secret dates with my bf(s) (yessss...bfs yer..not bf!!) and hang out with them without mak knowing"! hahahahahahha....... ;P

Btw....i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the libraries in other parts of the world...u feel like you're part of the history by just being there! smell of the old a good way!! no wonder "mat sallehs" lovee reading...places like this really encouraged you to read..not like our feels cold...disconnected and not personal at all ;(

Elin said...

awesome....pengsan rasa... :)

::Ida:: said...

reena : i think diaorg ade amik shot kat one the libraries kot.
i pon kagum with all these libraries. ade ke org pegi library? huhuhu

sujie : same here. i nak baca paper pon tak sempat. huhuhu

zati : haah! betol2! very nice kan? yg kat utp tu by norman foster. huhuhu

nurul : heyy!! i was referring to the one in USM lah! org takde dating2 kat library lah time tu!! kat ct plaza tu lain cerita la.. hohohoho :P

elin : haha.. tu belom pegi lagi tu.. :P

~ As ~ said...

betul ternganga mulut...

mar!ahaf!z said...

library? my 2nd home.. ;)

btw, those libraries r superb!

::Ida:: said...

as : sila tutup. nnti lalat masuk :P

maria : really?? i bet u ade a mini library back at home :)

i rasa mcm nak kumpul all the books but buat hiasa je.. mcm nice kan :P

*Idina* said...

Oh sangat suka!!!!!!!!!!!! This atmosphere really cultivates the mood to read and read!!!!

Suddently teringat Belle from Disney's Beauty & the Beast! haha!

ezura evenstar said...

wow WoW WOW~!!!!

Kalo nie library kt bout library kt malaysia?? huhuhu *wink*wink*

::Ida:: said...

idina : omgee!! now that u mentioned!! teringat cerita beauty & the beast tuu!!!! *terus pegi carik dvd

ezura : library kat malaysia kat mane yg the best ek? really no idea

Unaizah said...

Cool pics!!!!! Love it!!!! Tp kalau tinggal sorang-sorang in some of those libraries rasa seram gak.

kowneysa said...

i can't agree more with nurul statement...hahahaha
guna alasan gi library actually nk melepak CP saja kot..;p
nk jumpa secret admire la..come on la ieda..we're your crime partner..;p

::Ida:: said...

unaizah : i know right!? especially yg last photo tu.. mcm skeleton je ceiling dier ;P

kown : hahaha.. those were the days kan.. letak bag kat library pastu merayau kat ct plaza. p mana pon tak tau.. kalau skarang nk p merayau pon pk 2-3 kali. takdak ghejaaa!!! :P