Tuesday, October 19, 2010

PAM Northern Chapter dinner at Eastin Hotel

Last Friday, if you have been following my tweet, I was a the PAM Northern Chapter dinner at the new Easting Hotel in Penang. The event started at 7pm but I was running a bit late because of the maghrib (and make up and standing in front of the mirror can't decide how to wear my scarf).

Anyway, the even started with a welcome speech by PAM Northern Chapter's chairman, Ar. Lawrence Lim Hua Kwang and later, of course, the dinner :)

We were served with chinese's 10 course meal. We were all starving and got annoyed with 1 meal at a time serving. I felt like I could eat the whole table!

The food was, well, not so bad. Maybe because we were too hungry to notice? 

The male colleague of mine. Handsome eh? FYI, they are all single except the one on the far left :P

Seriously, when they told me about the dinner, I remembered that I've got nothing to wear at all!! I mean nothing suitable for the dinner. Takkan nak pakai baju raya kot? So I just wear this beaded purple top with black inner and black pants.

 Oh and the shoes. Hehehe.. Do you like it? Bought it prior to the dinner. I've got nothing to wear!!!! (alasan)

It's perfect for a formal event and to the office! I've never had any close-toe shoes before. Betol! Tak tipu!

So why not??

And oh, I had to hide the box and the paperbag in my boot to avoid from my hubby seeing it :P

Wore the shoes at work today. I love love love love love it!!

I used to wear size uk 7 but I bought uk8 this time around because they tend to , well, shrunk. I know if it's leather they said it will expand. I tak percaya.I bought 3 pairs before and they are all somehow shrunk! (or that my feet is getting bigger?? eh??)


Suzie said...

is that from clarks bcoz i mcm ada ternampak kat clarks..hehe..

aNnAsUe'G said...

i teringin nak pakai macam ni tapi tak buleh. selalu kene gigit! jari kaki pjg sgt kot?

::Ida:: said...

suzie : ya betol!! heheh.. tadi i dah type the shoes tapi padam balik. saje soh teka2 hehehe..

sujie : ehh? kaki u lagi panjang??
actually size uk8 ni a bit loose to me tapi selesa. size 7 mcm ketat sket walaupun dia kata akan kembang tapi i tak percaya! nnti langsung tak leh pakai! so beli loose sket.. janji selesa :D

isma said...

susah nak cari close-toe shoe yang comfort!still hunting for that.nak g interview nanti pun senang :)

btw,u suka eh posing mcm tu?i mean sambil baca buku and dekat that cabinet.hihi

dona::rose said...

x pernah pakai kasut tutup jari ker ida?

gmbar2 kat ofc siapa yg selalu snap kan? you male colleaque ka? :D

btw, ayat nih "I remembered that I've got nothing to wear at all". Biaq betul, x percaya ah. haha

miralatiff said...

comel kasut ida!! I like the purple top as well..I think I would prefer to wear tops and pants to go to formal dinner..senang nak bergerak..=)

::Ida:: said...

isma : betol!! but i tell u clarks have a wide variety yang comfy and gorgeous and most of them are mary-jane like design.

but if you're size 5, i dont think no problem at all to find one. huhuhuhu

oh! i like it there too!! because of the books, the lightings. hehehe

dona : jarang!! yg slalu pakai tu pon flats. yg heels mmg jarang. huhuhu..

hehe.. gambar ni slalu amik time lunch. takde orang kat opis. and my female coll ler yg slalu amikkan.. yg boys ni tak leh harap sangat :P

and that part 'got nothing to wear, im serious!!! i kid you not!!!! kalau casual ade laa :P

mira : thank you!! i love it too!! bought this top time pregnant aritu. and it still can be worn after beranak!! hehehe..

reena said...

Love your purple top!

aNnAsUe'G said...

kaki i x pjg sgt. size 5 atau 6 je. tp jari yg pjg. huhuh.

::Ida:: said...

sujie : oh.. hehehe.. mesti kalau pakai kasut yg open toe terkeluar abis jari kan.. :P