Friday, October 29, 2010

Yet another competition

Well it's not one of those contest I entered. It's a competition our company entered sometime ago for a site in Penang to re-develop the area into a housing area. 

We were among top 5 selected for the competition (congratulations!)

Oh I didn't participate in the competition. Just these two kiddo did :P

All the presented boards were displayed at the town hall next to the Padang Kota.
If you ever in Penang or that area, feel free to drop by and see other participants from all over Malaysia and overseas too! (and you could go for rojak and pasembur at the food court later!!)

The exhibition opens on weekdays working hours 9.00am - 5.00pm with lunch break at - 2pm.


||kiena|| said...

cool! huwaaaaa rindu pula Padang Kota,.. kekekeke

reena said...


I 'hate' u for this entry!

Sebab remind kan those art & design exhibition yg slalu pi dgn bf during college days.

And for rojak & pasemboq!

Hmmpppp :p

ninazarina said...

hi ida! i'm one of the contestant too tau..but under student category la :) tp x short listed pun huhu...

::Ida:: said...

kiena : hehehe.. i tiap2 hari lalu sini!!! :P

reena : u know reena? ni 1st time i menjejak kaki kat hall ni tau. kalau takde exhibition ni... god knows bila la i akan mai sini. kalau datang pon p makan mee sotong itewwww!! slurp!! (sila meleleh)

nina : really?? oloh takpe.. dapat enter pon ok waatt.. i tukang p tengok jee.. bagi moral support :P

pinkyheart02 said...

ya..cheq duk penang..tapi jarang sangat p padang kota..hehe

btw, jum join contest..kalau sudi.. ^_^