Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD) on 1 year old toddler

Where should I start. That I was covered with Hariz's poop 30 minutes before departure at the airport or Hariz been effected with Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD) ? *sigh*

I've been taking turns with Wan to look after Hariz at home. He's been house arrest for almost 3 days now. It all started when we were on our trip in Kuching last Friday (Deepavali holiday). He seems fine and active as always. He slept the whole trip from Penang to Kuching (a real relief). 

Once arrived at the Kuching, we took a walk at the riverfront. I started to notice red bumps appeared on his bums. I thought it was just nappy rash and he seems fine.
And the day after, more red bumps started to appeared on his arms. But not much. Just a few dots. and again, I thought maybe it's the bed bugs because Hariz slept in the baby cot at the hotel. Again, I never thought of anything serious.

The day we returned to Penang, his foot started to show more red bumps. I started to feel something is not quite right. It's either chicken pox or something else. Suddenly my mind flew to fatih's blog, pikertonic, because I remembered reading her daugther Athirah had this HFMD. but quickly I shook it off. Hoping that it's not it. 

But you know what they said, mother's instinct is always right. Right after we touched down Penang airport, we headed straightaway to Kid's Carer, child specialist, where Hariz has been having his monthly jab. I told the doctor where we have been , and the doc saw Hariz been drooling and the red spots, he knew it was HFMD. He checked his mouth and there, small ulcers started to developed on the throat. 

There's no exact cure or vaccine for this disease, so we were given cream for the bumps, antibiotic for the ulcers and paracetamol just in case he had any fever. 

According to wikipedia, the symptom started with fever and followed with the rashes. As for Hariz, he never had any fever until now. Despite all the ulcers in his throat, he seems to appear, fine. He ate normally, drink normally and well.. sleep more I guess :P

Now I'm not too worry about his condition as the ulcers in his mouth are gone.Only left the scars and some few red spot on his feet. Until then, he has to stay away form the nursery and other kids because it is contagious. That's what been bugging me. 

Wan can't stay at home look after Hariz every day. and I can't take leave for too many days too!

So how exactly Hariz got this HFMD? We have no idea either. Because there's no other kid. Hariz has been in his stroller all the time. It's not airborne. No direct contact. I just don't know. Benda dah nak jadi kan?

As long as he is happy and always bubbly :)


reena said...

Get well soon Hariz!

Comel dengan gigi dia tu :D

aNnAsUe'G said...

nama disease ni mcm gerun je. tapi jgn risau ye ida. memang susah hati kalau anak sakit, nak2 bile kene amek cuti byk2 hari, kalo bos memahami xpe la.
skrg byk budak sakit la, my aidan pun batuk tak habis2 lg. sian diorg.

get well soon hariz!

*Idina* said...

Get well soon dear Hariz~ muah2!

::Ida:: said...

reena : thanks reena! i hope soon too :)

sujie : itu la.. i dgr org lain je kena. tak sangka kena kat kita. sbb highly contagious tu yg susah sket. kalau yg antibodi tak kuat lagi teruk. huhuhu...

hope both our boys get well soon! :)

idina : thanks dear! muahh!!

d.O.n.A.t said...

get well soon hariz.. geram tgk gigi yang comel tu.
curious juga mcm mane boleh kena. tp xpe hariz is tough boy kan..

::Ida:: said...

hi donat! hehehe..mane tak geram. dier sendiri pon geram. kalau marah gigit org je keja dia. sakit okeh :P

tu la kitaorg pon tak tau camne leh kena. tapi dier mmg buas pon. mungkin terkena surface yg contaminated ke..huhuhu

Khairunnisa said...

so how is he now? And how u sarawak trip?

p!nkerton said...

(haruszzlah teringat i sbb athirah dah 2 kali kena kan ;p)
tu la at 1st i pon confident tu chicken pox. tak expect langsung HFMD :( dah la takde exact cure, kena amik cuti lama pulak tu huhu.. & i tot kena sekali je, but doctors said possible kena banyak2 kali until 5y.o! urghh manaciii huhu
get well soon hariz comell, bagi dia minum air masak byk2 yea :)

Unaizah said...

Hariz, get well soon yeah. Sabarlah Ida, hope it is nothing serious.

::Ida:: said...

kown : the trip was okay. tiring but oklah. *not much fun when you're with active 1 year old toddler that likes to run around like nobody's business :P

he always look better tapi the rashes tu i guess getting faded. dah nak hilang dah. esp on the bottom part.

hopefully next week dah dapat pegi nursery. huhuhu

pinkerton : haruzz lahh uuu!!!!
hehehe... serious lepas balik kuching terus i search your blog and read again. nasib baik hariz not as bad as athirah's. sampai kena tahan wad. hopefully no more!!! huhuhu

unaizah : thanks dear. alhamdulillah he's getting better now. :)

tapi bila duduk rumah lama sangat ni, dier jadik ngada2. asyik nak menempek kat mama dia.. kena cepat2 hantar balik nursery neh :P

eeqa~ said...

Gigi die CHOOOOOOOMELLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehe... geram!

Zulaikha Mohamad said...

siannye.. naseb baik hariz still active and play as usual.. get well soon hariz!!

::Ida:: said...

eeqa : hehehe... i lovee it!! kan best ini je yang tumbuh . dah banyak2 kang tak comel dah :P

zulaikha : itula.. i guess we're lucky :) thanks dear!