Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dining experience in a jungle

So yesterday our company had a little makan-makan to celebrate the birthdays and farewells. (yeah all at the same time. save budget :P)

This time we had it at the Jemputree! The restaurant located just nearby our office. 10 minutes walking distance. But I drove there :P Tak larat nak jalan mak!

There we like 15 of us and the price for the luncheon is RM15 per head. The menu is :

1. Tomyam Campur
2. Oyster sauce veggie
3. Ikan Pari Asam Pedas
4. Kari Ayam
5. Sizzling Beancurd
6. Sambal ulam
7. Kerabu mangga
8. Dessert (fruits)
9. Teh Tarik
10. Drinks 
11. and of course nasik la :P

I would consider it quite cheap and we ate until we were totally full!

The best Tomyam! I drained the whole bowl myself. Not! :P

Sessi cedok menyedok

Oh this is before the foods arrived (muka lapar)

Ulam at the back and Tomyam Campur

Drinks (sirap + oren?)

Happy faces lepas makan!

I think they have more lovely ambiance if you come here at night. The environment will change from plain old boring restaurant into more hapenning place!

 (taken from

 And for those who wants a little romance, you can try their famous Tree house. But usually it'll be full! So make sure you book the place earlier :) Trust me you won't regret.

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Where will be having your lunch today?


Suzie said...

best la ur ofis ni,mkn2 utk farewell buat kat luar...kalo ktorg catering dtg so blk2 kat ofis...such a boring ambience

::Ida:: said...

hehehe.. sebab kami tak ramai kot. dalam less than 20 orang je. so boleh la nak makan2 kat luar. huhuhu.. plus what's penang without the food kan?? hehehe :P

reena said...

Jemputree! I pernah makan situ skali je. Agree. Kalau malam lagi cantik tempat tu.

d.O.n.A.t said...

drinks (sirap +oren)== maurici.. pernah minum sebab dekat pasar tani putrajaya ada air ni but plus with selasih. especially bila bulan ramadhan.

::Ida:: said...

reena : ni 2nd time kot i datang sini. 1st time dulu zaman pak thor2. :P

donat : maurici? sedap nya namaa.. tapi takde selasih ler.. kalau ade mesti lagi sedaap!

aNnAsUe'G said...

serius cantiknye tmpt ni kalo amek gambar! i tatau pon ade jemputree ni. kesian i. rm15 per head ok la kan? terliuqnya tgk tomyam tu!

K-Baby said...

Salam Mommy,
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::Ida:: said...

sujie : kan? next time datang penang harus singgah! :P

ajjah said...

Ida bestnyaa, must drop by there if i go to penang :D

Drama Mama said...

haven't yet try it out. nanti nak kena try gak..the price is pretty reasonable ehhh...