Friday, December 24, 2010

My facial care product

Someone once asked me about facial care product that I've been using since she/he said that my skin look so healthy (she said arr.. bukan syok sendiri :P)

Honestly, my face actually isn't that healthy. If you see my face closely, there are still problems like black heads, white heads, and a little unwanted hair here and there :P

But I guess I am one of those lucky ones who's skin isn't that serious like some people may have like pimples, breakouts and etc. ( I do have that sometimes during that time of the months tho :))

As for me, I would consider my skin as combination skin since I've got a little oily around the T-zone

But it's not so serious that I need to use face blotter everytime.

Anyway, I've been using Himalaya Herbals since 4-5 years ago. That's quite a long time!  The first time I had it, I just love the result. My skin have been less oily and it feels fresh everytime after using it.

 Since my skin is considered as Normal, I just use this Gentle Face Wash Cream for my everyday wash.
 Then apply this toner to keep the skin healthy and radiant
 I use the Apricot Scrub once a week to remove the dead skin cells. Using it too often may cause your skin to break.
 Then finish off with this Nourishing Cream Moisturizer.

and this Revitalizing Night Cream during the night :)

However, like most products, the results may varies to certain user. We all born with unique skin and some products may not work well to some of you.

Maybe some people, pakai air suam pon dah cukup. and some people kena pakai product yang mahal or get description from Doctors. As for me, I'm blessed just by using this product is suffice :)

The cost for each Himalaya's facial care varies from RM21 - RM30. If you're lucky, you might get it way much cheaper at some personal store like Watson's or Guardian. 

Himalaya Herbals also has their own store at local shopping malls. But you won't get cheaper price there. Pelik kan?

I don't think I would be switching to other brands in the near future. Maybe once Himalaya Herbals has stops it's production, THEN I will look for other brands :P

What's your favorite drugstore skin care?


reena said...

Wahhh u memang pengguna tegar Himalaya ni :D

Drugstore eh?

Kalau drugstore, i suka Olay.

::Ida:: said...

hahaha.. i like! konon au naturel la kan sebab herbs2 :P

ive never tried olay! tapi tengok banyak review kata bagos. mcm nk try jugak :D

Suzie said...

mine would be product brand simple n safi...

Ainul said...

ainul guna organic aid je..

ween said...

i have read a lot of +ve feedback about this brand. and u are one of em. might consider on trying their skincare :)

nurul sss said...

yesss...please say thank you to me! hehehehehehe.....u teringin nak try after i looked good wearing it huh? (n knowing me i have baddddddddddd skin allergies for most products after that episode with J&J ph 5.5 ntah whatever that is!) kan kan?? :D now....gatal nak clinique pulak kan kan kan?? after that one works very well for me too! hehehehe....

::Ida:: said...

ween : maybe u should try! its really worth it!

nuol : ya ya ya. since your face is like an experiment. but since my skin isnt that bad, think i'll stick to this for a little while. clinique maybe works for sunblock. its the best!

nurul sss said...

no face is not an's a canvas~ hehe...btw yeah clinique tinted sunblock is very good! can cover up unwanted blemishes without needing make up/concealer/foundation! but ive stopped using it since it's quite expensive for moi~ and found other alternatives like neutrogena sunblock...the one with the water base and the bottle is white with yellow line..try la..murah je~ :)

Elin said... ek himalaya? i mcm2 pki..dulu olay (lama giler pki)..then gatai2 tukar nutox plak (dekat 2 thn)..and now tgh try nano white..hihihi.

::Ida:: said...

nurul : ive tried neutrogena, but my skin mcm tak suitable kot. huhuhu

elin : waa.. heheh.. i pon mcm nk try2 jugak.. tapi takot tak sesuai. so dah malas pakai je himalaya sampai dier discontinue kot :P